Oh Yeah: Armitage In Tom Ford and Similarities to Colin Firth, Plus Armitage + HeathRA Encounter

Armitage fashion speculation became reality: Armitage wore a Tom Ford suit for the Captain America premiere.

Courtesy of: richardarmitagenet.com

Well done. Another sign that he is walking the Colin Firth path.

Armitage vs. Firth Similarities:

A. Gains legions of fans in a BBC period drama miniseries in the role of a misunderstood, darkly handsome suitor to a headstrong young woman (North and South vs. Pride and Prejudice)

B. Stars in a Minghella-related project where his character is in love with a woman who desires the leading man (Robin Hood vs. The English Patient)

C. Stars in a Richard Curtis romantic comedy as a man from London who falls in love with a woman in the country (The Vicar of Dibley vs. Love Actually)

D. Has the leading role of a king facing a great impediment (dragon vs. stutter) in a major ensemble film surrounded by distinguished British and Australian actors (The Hobbit vs. The King’s Speech)

All signs point to an Oscar!

Do enjoy this heart-stopping photo of Armitage at the CA premiere shared by HeathRA, who was able to meet Armitage. (richardarmitagenet.com will be posting more of her photos soon.)

She manages one of my favorite YouTube channels (HeathDances); she creates and shares a plethora of RA videos, including the delicious “SexyBack” compilations.

I first discovered her work through this beautiful Pride and Prejudice film video a few years ago. If only I had clicked to see why she was making all of those Richard Armitage videos. . .

ADDED NOTE: heathravideos Twitter feed with picture links and delicious details on meeting Armitage.

Just remembered: she made him the Guy of Gisborne Havoc Tour shirt! And he still has it! Aww, this is the best fan meeting EVER.

The Havoc Tour shirt design on her website. Brilliant!

When Sight and Sound Collide: Armitage Meets Rihanna and Florence & the Machine

This Richard Armitage + Rihanna’s “Rude Boy” video is delicious. Love the cut to Ros, the glove moment, the intrigued look at 3:16, the kiss on the hand, and the John Thornton look at Sarah Caulfield at 3:28.

Several YouTube users have created North and South videos using Florence + The Machine songs. They tend to use very quick cuts due to the fast pace of the music and cut off the song early.

The “Cosmic Love” one is my favorite (and has the slowest pace). I love how Florence is singing from Thornton’s point of view. The timing of “you left me in the dark” (at 1:36) and “in the shadow of your heart” (at 1:49) is perfect.


“Drumming Song”



Another Hit of Richard Armitage

First kiss deliciousness and another off-the-charts swoony marriage proposal in The Vicar of Dibley.

Good reads: an older, but still excellent recap of RA’s pre-2008 work by an Entertainment Weekly writer (several YouTube links).

Also a wonderful 2008 EW interview with RA based on questions submitted by fans.