King Richard Armitage Week: (Wrap-Up) Hooray!

To celebrate Richard Armitage’s 40th birthday and to commemorate the anniversary of Richard III’s death, this blog is participating in an extended series of RA blog events for the Richard III for Richard Armitage!/King Richard Armitage project (sign the petitionjoin the Facebook group). Enjoy the fun!

Although there are still more King Richard Armitage posts to come on other blogs, I wanted to do a wrap-up post for the past week. Cheers to all of the blog contributors and readers that participated in the event! You can find links for all of the talented and clever King Richard Armitage Week blog contributors here.

MyrL created an excellent YT video/audio compilation of Armitage’s mentions of the RIII project. It’s lovely to hear (and see!) his enthusiasm for the project and how the project has been progressively moving towards development.

darlingdarling blog KRA Week Notes

Richard III Project Slogan Poll

The winning slogan: “The Last Warrior King.”

Wonderful submissions:

– My kingdom’s worth a lot more than a horse. (Servetus)

– I fought for my people, not for my reputation. (CDoart)

My new idea:

– Better Than The Tudors.

Six Degrees of Richard III Actors + Armitage

Phylly3 and Carolyn impressed me by bringing more Richard III actors to the game: Ciaran Hinds, Kenneth Branagh, John Barrymore, Frederick Warde, and Sir Alec Guinness.

It is so satisfying to see that all of the RIII actors can be linked to Armitage, and often very quickly. He has worked with quite accomplished co-stars. Also, it is intriguing that two other RIII actors have also played Sir Guy in Robin Hood; Armitage has said that RIII is the Shakespearean character that reminds him most of Guy (although one imagines he has the real RIII in mind).

Creative Letters of Support

Inspired by Carolyn’s comment, I added a letter from Padmé Amidala to my planned post. Carolyn submitted a delightful letter from the Vicar of Dibley and I added a letter from Galadriel. This post was the most fun and I loved seeing how RA’s past characters related to the RIII project in their shared interests, struggles, and love for a reluctant (at first!) woman.

Leading Ladies for RIII

This was an added post. If there’s an RA project, I’m most interested in the love story because he does “in love” so beautifully.

An additional thought: Natalie Dormer starred as Anne Boleyn in the The Tudors TV series, so it is unlikely that she would be cast as Lady Anne in a Richard III project. But who knows? The two look stunning onscreen in these passionate Guy + Anne crossover fandom videos created by summersparkle2 that I posted earlier this summer.

Looking Ahead

The King Richard Armitage website will be updated with new content as blog contributions come in and new ideas arise. CDoart has great plans, so do keep checking the site for her updates. BIG cheers and thanks to CDoart for her terrific interviews, tremendous web management, correspondence, organization, and infectious enthusiasm for delivering King Richard Armitage Week. An amazing job!

One day, I hope that RA is able to create (and star in) the RIII project and make it everything he wants it to be. It would be very special indeed.

Armitage + Radiohead = Tudor Romance

[Our first Tumblr shout-out—sophieroe! The Tumblr army has begun.]

After finding so many lovely Armitage + Keane videos, I was looking for Armitage + Radiohead videos and I discovered this cache of gorgeous videos by summersparkle2 featuring Guy of Gisborne + Anne Boleyn from The Tudors!

Richard III for Richard Armitage gold!

The editing and lighting manipulation is superb; her videos have exceptionally convincing portrayals of crossover romance and she showcases beautifully expressive moments by Guy and Anne.

And we shall see the two of them together! Natalie Dormer, who plays Anne, co-stars with Armitage in Captain America.

I also bloody love summersparkle2’s taste in music. “All I Need” is one of my favorite Radiohead  songs.

The dialogue at the end of this video ramps up the intensity.

Here’s a passionate one featuring Florence + the Machine.

A quieter take on the romance featuring a track by Safety Suit.

Richard III For Richard Armitage!

For Armitage! (courtesy of:

UPDATE: Sign the petition and check out the dedicated website.

UPDATE: Join the Facebook group.
UPDATE: Read about the prolonged delay for the Richard III project in a separate post here.

On Calexora’s blog, I mused over the idea of the Armitage Army lobbying the BBC to produce the Richard III project that has been a long-cherished dream of Richard Armitage.

I am a new RA fan and I have been amazed and inspired by the incredible women in the RA fandom. Why not harness this collective creativity and passion towards this goal so that the BBC knows there is a global audience for the project—an audience that will heavily promote the series online, watch the series, and (most likely) purchase the DVD?

Hail the power of social media!


Passionate letters in support of RA due to his personal and long-standing commitment to the project. It would also be wonderful for Richard to have the opportunity to play the role of Richard III before he outgrows it.

Passionate letters in support of RA using the point-of-view of RA roles and RA-related characters. For example: Guy of Gisborne demands that you fund this programme or he shall seize your land and force your staff to wear black leather and eyeliner! Guards!

Great opportunity for fan fiction writers!

Letter + picture from your state/province/territory/country to show the global reach of the RA fanbase with a “Richard III for Richard Armitage!” sign.

Note: it would be great to send some items beyond letters to attract more attention, but we don’t want to scare the BBC mail service. It would be best to send small, flat items.

Send birthday cards for RA and condolence cards for Richard III

Graphic/artwork to promote the project.

—Perhaps send in copies of The Sunne in Splendour 

—Perhaps mail in fake/real petrol (gas) cards so that the BBC can “step on the gas”


I would also suggest that we mark all packages with “Richard III for Richard Armitage” as a courtesy to the BBC mail service.


BBC Audience Services
PO Box 1922
DL3 0UR      <— that’s zero, U, R

Please respond to this post if you are interested and can spread the word to RA web affiliates.

I’m not especially tech-savvy, but we could:

—Create a special website with a petition

—Create a badge/website link available to post on other RA websites

—Post letters, upload fan art, post tumblr images, YouTube videos, pictures

—Potential Twitter hash tag: #RIIIforRichardArmitage

Creative Ideas

—Graphics: “Richard For King: 1483” or parodies of contemporary political ad slogans. For example, instead of “Not Flash, Just Gordon,” how about “Not Shakespeare, Just Armitage”? Or RA with a crown, on a throne, fighting in a battle, RA’s face superimposed on RIII images

—Videos splicing past Richard IIIs with RA, RA fan videos with songs about royalty/kings/patriotism

—Post/send pictures  with a “Richard III For Richard Armitage!” sign in front of a landmark/city/state/province marker

Outreach strategy

—Recruit RA fans in forums, contacting webmasters, tumblr users, and YouTube users and watchers

Ideas, counter-arguments, suggestions all welcome.