King Richard Armitage Week: Creative Letter of Support from Galadriel

To celebrate Richard Armitage’s 40th birthday and to commemorate the anniversary of Richard III’s death, this blog is participating in a weeklong series of RA blog events for the Richard III for Richard Armitage!/King Richard Armitage project (sign the petitionjoin the Facebook group). Enjoy the fun!

Galadriel from The Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit

From Galadriel, The Lady of Lórien, Middle-Earth

On behalf of the elves of Middle-Earth, I am writing to state our support for King Thorin Oakenshield, son of Thráin, to lead the Richard III project.

With my gift of telepathy, I have seen into Thorin’s mind and found him to be a wise leader who rules with the best intentions for his kingdom. Although he has a weakness for gems, he is a loyal and brave warrior who would excel as commander of the English army, which is slightly easier to manage than a group of hungry dwarves. The Orcrist should serve him well in the War of the Roses.

I have foreseen the success of this project and its warm reception from Thorin’s army and the Richard III community. The choice is before you: to rise above Shakespeare and finance this project or to let it fall into darkness, thereby continuing to allow the words of a playwright to rule over the memory of a heroic English monarch.

I was once a Tudor queen, so I know firsthand of the political propaganda and sheer insanity that took place in the name of Tudor glory, besmirching Richard III’s legacy. As the mightiest elf of Middle-Earth, I now see the folly of man and want to illuminate the true story of Richard III for all to see.


Thorin from The Hobbit (courtesy of:

Thoughts on Strike Back: Season 2 Episode 1 and Armitage







Well. Seeing Armitage was exciting. But sleazy machismo has taken over the show and I am glad he was able to leave the series.

Ugh. It’s like I have a visual STD now.

And they executed him in a very graphic, lingering camera shot. Dislike.

Robin Hood, Spooks, Strike Back. Three television series, three Armitage deaths, three shows that went downhill.

Thankfully, he has a leading role in The Hobbit and is working with exceptional writers and directors. I can’t wait to see what will happen next in his career.

Captain America: Today!

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I’m on RA Captain America review media blackout until I see the film. Tick tock.

I do love this latest interview where he candidly shares the less pleasant side of the acting business—maddening television writers who completely alter his character’s back story before his exit (SPOOKS!), acting while trying not to drown (Spooks, Captain America)—and heavy lifting (The Hobbit).

He would also prefer to keep his shirt on, ahem.

“I want to be strong enough to cope with the roles, but I don’t want to be cast as the guy that takes his shirt off. I’m looking forward to getting fat and old so I don’t have to lift weights.”

Haha. Erm. He has done quite a lot of shirt removing. And action-based work. Both of which have required a lot of discipline in diet and fitness. Along with the awful writers and water torture, there’s been a lot for Armitage to endure. I can’t wait to see the slower, non-athletic side of Armitage post-Hobbit.

But back to the article. The headline quote was a terrible editorial choice: “I’m a bit mean. I don’t have a nice guy face.”

His actual quote in the article text:

“I suppose I’m a bit mean. My face on camera doesn’t lend itself to happy nice guys. I think it’s just that my bone structure looks menacing. I don’t smile that often.”

He has such a chameleonic face. While he certainly can have that burning look, when it melts away (à la North and South train station scene), it is stunning. He can do radiance as well as ferocity.

We will always be happy (Courtesy of:


I love the way this beloved open-collar Armitage shot is posted above yesterday’s open-collar Armitage shot.

There’s no need to remove the shirt, an undone button is enough.

Oh Yeah: Armitage In Tom Ford and Similarities to Colin Firth, Plus Armitage + HeathRA Encounter

Armitage fashion speculation became reality: Armitage wore a Tom Ford suit for the Captain America premiere.

Courtesy of:

Well done. Another sign that he is walking the Colin Firth path.

Armitage vs. Firth Similarities:

A. Gains legions of fans in a BBC period drama miniseries in the role of a misunderstood, darkly handsome suitor to a headstrong young woman (North and South vs. Pride and Prejudice)

B. Stars in a Minghella-related project where his character is in love with a woman who desires the leading man (Robin Hood vs. The English Patient)

C. Stars in a Richard Curtis romantic comedy as a man from London who falls in love with a woman in the country (The Vicar of Dibley vs. Love Actually)

D. Has the leading role of a king facing a great impediment (dragon vs. stutter) in a major ensemble film surrounded by distinguished British and Australian actors (The Hobbit vs. The King’s Speech)

All signs point to an Oscar!

Do enjoy this heart-stopping photo of Armitage at the CA premiere shared by HeathRA, who was able to meet Armitage. ( will be posting more of her photos soon.)

She manages one of my favorite YouTube channels (HeathDances); she creates and shares a plethora of RA videos, including the delicious “SexyBack” compilations.

I first discovered her work through this beautiful Pride and Prejudice film video a few years ago. If only I had clicked to see why she was making all of those Richard Armitage videos. . .

ADDED NOTE: heathravideos Twitter feed with picture links and delicious details on meeting Armitage.

Just remembered: she made him the Guy of Gisborne Havoc Tour shirt! And he still has it! Aww, this is the best fan meeting EVER.

The Havoc Tour shirt design on her website. Brilliant!

Armitage and the Captain America Premiere

According to this Reuters press notice, Richard Armitage is scheduled to appear at the Captain America Los Angeles premiere tomorrow (July 19th) at 5:30PM at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood.

Wow—Armitage in my state!

This is so exciting. Captain America is his first major film role. He may prefer to stay home according to this article, where he says that red carpets are the worst thing about his job. But this is the Hollywood big time and the LA paparazzi must be satiated.

Acting is not about the spotlight for Armitage—it’s about the work. He is a modest man, frequently mentioning about how fortunate he is to act for a living and what would happen if his latest job were to be his last. I hope that his ascending fame will not become too much of a burden.

I wonder if he will stop by Comic-Con since he is already in California. San Diego is very close to Los Angeles and possible surprise guest stars may appear at The Hobbit presentation this Thursday.

Thursday, July 21

10:00-11:00AM Hobbit Talk— From the decade-old and perhaps most influential fan site on the Interwebs (and a consistent breaking news source), staff vets Clifford Broadway (Quickbeam) and Larry D. Curtis (MrCere) take a good, hard look at the latest from the two Hobbit films’ production. Since this isn’t a studio affair, you’ll get the street-level latest (authorized and unauthorized) as well as spy reports, rumors, and even informed opinions. Surprise guests are a possibility; audio and visuals are a given with a Q&A and all sorts of fun.

He would be a great hit at Comic-Con as an actor who is part of the Star Wars, Marvel, and Tolkien franchises.

One of Armitage’s early film roles was as a Naboo Fighter Pilot in Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace. (His lines were cut, but that film has very little good dialogue so I see it as a merciful decision.) His primary memory of that experience was mistaking then-unknown Keira Knightley for Natalie Portman (Knightley was Portman’s double).