Armitage Speculation & Notable Music Video Cameos from WB Actors, Villains, and Hobbits

After a week of driving around in a city that is in full party mode, I came across the (sort of) new Ke$ha song “Blow.” The video features a face-off involving unicorns, rainbow laser beams, and James Van der Beek as “the video guy.”

With this video, Van der Beek follows in the footsteps of his fellow WB stars David Boreanaz—the video guy in Dido’s White Flag”—and Sarah Michelle Gellar—the video girl in Stone Temple Pilot’s “Sour Girl.”

While his Dawson’s Creek co-stars have found steady work and power couple mates, Van der Beek has stayed out of the couple limelight and has had a modest post-DC career. He has gained pop culture notoriety for his viral crying Dawson gif and recently capitalized on the attention with his self-deprecating Funny or Die videos.

After reading about Richard Armitage as an adman on servetus’ blog, I wondered if Armitage would ever cameo as “the video guy.” He does have an extensive dance background. It would be lovely if he followed in the music video footsteps of Alan Rickman and did the tango, which was Armitage’s best dance in school.

Speaking of other actors who gravitate towards “villain” roles, Christopher Walken had one of his most memorable performances in the Fatboy Slim video “Weapon of Choice” where he showed off his Broadway dance moves. Like Armitage, Walken started his training in musical theater before moving into dramatic performance.

Another “villain” actor, Jeremy Irons, didn’t shy away from music videos and appeared as one of several naked men in Elastica’s “Connection” video.

But what artist would appeal to Armitage? A UK group, most definitely. Or perhaps a low-key European singer like Charlotte Gainsbourg (who is also an actress).

Sophie Ellis-Bextor would be a striking video companion, but I do not think her music would entice Armitage. She is also too high-profile.

Ditto for Madonna. I think Armitage would be quite appealing to Madonna: he is ridiculously attractive and talented and has a rising fame curve. Actor Goran Višnjić memorably played chess with Madge in “The Power of Goodbye.”

Two Hobbits have done music videos: Dominic Monaghan starred in Eminem f. Rihanna’s “Love the Way You Lie” video and a young Elijah Wood made his acting debut as a precocious businessman in Paula Abdul’s “Forever Your Girl” video.

An Armitage music video cameo could lead to dancing, possible indie cred, a climactic make-out scene, a continuation of the villain and Hobbit music video traditions, and many new fans with a burning desire to know—who’s that guy?

Oh the possibilities.

In the meantime, there are more than a few Armitage fanvideos, including this one featuring Ke$ha that I first saw on servetus’ blog.

Alan Rickman: the Serious Side and an Update on the “Really Sexy” Side

Rickman as Colonel Brandon in Sense & Sensibility

Rickman as Colonel Brandon in Sense & Sensibility

OK – it’s the last day of Alan Rickman Fest. There aren’t too many full-length interviews available online and most of them cover the same information over and over. Which makes Rickman’s interview with Charlie Rose (watch video) a great pleasure to watch – some candid insights about “Die Hard,” “Sense and Sensibility” and theater work.

I was also hunting for some fangirly questions about his “In Demand” video and found some juicy comments from Texas singer Sharleen Spiteri (full interview here):

You get to tango on petrol station forecourts with Alan Rickman in your videos.
He’s such a good dancer.
How did you hook up with him?
I was chatting away to Michael Kamen, the string arranger who did Net Aid with us, and he said: “My friend loves you. And I said, “Ooh, who’s your friend? ” And he replied, “Alan Rickman. ” And I think he’s wicked, fantastic. I love him. Later, when I was talking to (video director) Vaughan about our new single In Demand, we thought, we need to find someone who you’d believe would just throw me into the tango. And I thought: “Alan Rickman. That’s it.”
He was only too happy to comply?
I called him up and left a message and he phoned me back at about nine in the morning, and Ashley (Heath, style guru and Sharleen’s boyfriend) answered. He comes running into the bedroom going, “Shar! Its Alan Rickman on the phone!” So I pick up the phone, and he goes, “Helloooo. ” He talks sooo like that. And I did that thing where you pretend you’ve been up for hours.
Was it a sexy video to make?
Really sexy. He throws you about and you’re like, “Take me.”

Snape’s Got Game, a Wong Kar-Wai Homage, and an Unstoppable Motown Song: Texas Music Videos

Texas - a Scottish band

Texas - a Scottish band

Texas was a popular Scottish band that peaked in the late 90s/early 00s. Fronted by powerhouse lead singer Sharleen Spiteri (who went solo in 2008), the band has diverse pop melodies and thoroughly entertaining videos.

I guarantee that you have heard of Texas before. They did the closing song to “Ever After” called “Put Your Arms Around Me” (YouTube link). One of their most popular songs is the twirling “Say What You Want” (YouTube link) which was sampled by Method Man.

Alan Rickman is "In Demand"

Alan Rickman is "In Demand"

Professor Snape aka Alan Rickman is the inexplicable boy toy of Sharleen in their “In Demand” (YouTube link) music video. Rickman is totally committed to this aloof character – sexy!

on the run in "Chungking Express"

on the run in "Chungking Express"

The video for “Halo” (YouTube link) references the Wong Kar-Wai movie “Chungking Express.” Frequent WKW collaborator Christopher Doyle shot one of Texas’ final videos, “Getaway” (YouTube link) in true kaledoscopic style.

One of Texas’ most memorable songs is “Black-Eyed Boy” (YouTube link) which is a monster motown song. Ironic that Sharleen’s solo career has had taken off with an Amy Winehouse-lite makeover when Sharleen was already doing the retro-soul thing back in the 90s.