Favorite Madonna Songs: “Spotlight”

Although I was one of the many fans who was shafted at Madonna’s in-store autograph sesssion at Tower Records in 2003 (she bailed after an hour), I remain a diehard fan of her music, especially the ’80s songs I grew up with.

With Michael Jackson’s death, it makes me think about Madonna’s legacy – how she’ll be seen as a style chameleon, gay icon, and a powerful symbol of female empowerment and sexual assertiveness – Blonde Ambition indeed. Her official website is now showing a picture of Madonna and Michael Jackson at the Oscars together from her “Dick Tracy” era. The flashing wall of screens featuring her music videos is astounding – like Michael Jackson, Madonna has had enduring appeal across three decades and generations of listeners.

I’d like to share one of her lesser known songs that I love: “Spotlight” is the first track off of her 1987 remix album “You Can Dance.”

Everybody is a star. . .this is your chance to shine. . .

You Should Be Dancing: Michael Jackson’s Unforgettable Moves

After being immersed in VH1 Classic’s weekend marathon of Michael Jackson videos, I’m struck by how fresh his music is and how one can listen to the same songs over and over and still feel thrilled by the opening notes – pardon the pun.

Mad Ballet Skills: Michael Jackson goes en pointe in "Billie Jean"

Mad Ballet Skills: Michael Jackson goes en pointe in "Billie Jean"

His music makes you want to get up off of your feet and dance, dance, dance.

Michael was dedicated to dancing and his skills show what years of hard work and discipline can achieve.

My favorite dancing videos are:

Watching his early disco videos like “Rock With You” and his signature crotch-thrusting and the ankle slapping moves reminded me of John Travolta’s dancing in Saturday Night Fever.

This YouTube video is a thumpin’ mash-up of MJ and Travolta, crossing the bassline of the “Billie Jean” with the disco beat of “Stayin’ Alive” – brilliant!

For fellow New Yorkers who are inspired to dance by this legend, get up off of your feet and learn how to get slick hip-hop, jazz funk, and en pointe moves at Broadway Dance Center.

The Death of Michael Jackson: A Day to Remember for all ’80s Kids

I remember roller-skating to “Billie Jean” [VIDEO]. As a kid without cable TV, that was probably my first memory of hearing Michael Jackson’s music. It’s a good song to skate to. I always found it hard to dance to his music (such fast beats! such shifting melodies!), although his music is an instant party-starter that makes the whole room hit the dance floor in cheers.

Exhibit A: 13 Going on 30 featuring Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo doing the Thriller dance

He was a true talent who will be remembered and celebrated.

UPDATE: A style shout-out to MJ at the Uniform Project today. Fantastic!