Armitage Speculation & Notable Music Video Cameos from WB Actors, Villains, and Hobbits

After a week of driving around in a city that is in full party mode, I came across the (sort of) new Ke$ha song “Blow.” The video features a face-off involving unicorns, rainbow laser beams, and James Van der Beek as “the video guy.”

With this video, Van der Beek follows in the footsteps of his fellow WB stars David Boreanaz—the video guy in Dido’s White Flag”—and Sarah Michelle Gellar—the video girl in Stone Temple Pilot’s “Sour Girl.”

While his Dawson’s Creek co-stars have found steady work and power couple mates, Van der Beek has stayed out of the couple limelight and has had a modest post-DC career. He has gained pop culture notoriety for his viral crying Dawson gif and recently capitalized on the attention with his self-deprecating Funny or Die videos.

After reading about Richard Armitage as an adman on servetus’ blog, I wondered if Armitage would ever cameo as “the video guy.” He does have an extensive dance background. It would be lovely if he followed in the music video footsteps of Alan Rickman and did the tango, which was Armitage’s best dance in school.

Speaking of other actors who gravitate towards “villain” roles, Christopher Walken had one of his most memorable performances in the Fatboy Slim video “Weapon of Choice” where he showed off his Broadway dance moves. Like Armitage, Walken started his training in musical theater before moving into dramatic performance.

Another “villain” actor, Jeremy Irons, didn’t shy away from music videos and appeared as one of several naked men in Elastica’s “Connection” video.

But what artist would appeal to Armitage? A UK group, most definitely. Or perhaps a low-key European singer like Charlotte Gainsbourg (who is also an actress).

Sophie Ellis-Bextor would be a striking video companion, but I do not think her music would entice Armitage. She is also too high-profile.

Ditto for Madonna. I think Armitage would be quite appealing to Madonna: he is ridiculously attractive and talented and has a rising fame curve. Actor Goran Višnjić memorably played chess with Madge in “The Power of Goodbye.”

Two Hobbits have done music videos: Dominic Monaghan starred in Eminem f. Rihanna’s “Love the Way You Lie” video and a young Elijah Wood made his acting debut as a precocious businessman in Paula Abdul’s “Forever Your Girl” video.

An Armitage music video cameo could lead to dancing, possible indie cred, a climactic make-out scene, a continuation of the villain and Hobbit music video traditions, and many new fans with a burning desire to know—who’s that guy?

Oh the possibilities.

In the meantime, there are more than a few Armitage fanvideos, including this one featuring Ke$ha that I first saw on servetus’ blog.

“Celebration”: Madonna’s Ultimate Greatest Hits Collection

Madonna's Celebration album comes full circle - from Keith Haring's era to Mr. Brainwash

Madonna's Celebration album comes full circle - from Keith Haring's era to Mr. Brainwash

Fittingly, Madonna‘s final album to fulfill her record contract with Warner Brothers is “Celebration,” a monster double-CD, double-DVD extravaganza of goodies spanning her incredible career since 1982. After all, who would be that excited about a third greatest hits collection drawing from her last three lackluster albums (“American Life,” “Confessions on a Dance Floor,” and “Hard Candy”)?

A relentless cultural force, Madonna has maintained her popularity by being the ultimate coolhunter. The cover of her album was designed by street pop artist Mr. Brainwash. One of her new tracks features Lil Wayne. I’m guessing it was between him and Akon and Rihanna.

As to the album, I would have preferred the songs in chronological order, similar to “The Immaculate Collection” and “GHV2,” but I am THRILLED to see “Dress You Up” and “Burning Up” – two of my absolute favorite songs – in addition to “Into the Groove,” the song from her film “Desperately Seeking Susan.”

I’ve the starred songs appearing in a Madonna greatest hits collection for the first time.


  1. “Hung Up”*
  2. “Music”
  3. “Vogue”
  4. “4 Minutes”*
  5. “Holiday”
  6. “Everybody”*
  7. “Like a Virgin”
  8. “Into the Groove”
  9. “Like a Prayer”
  10. “Ray of Light”
  11. “Sorry”*
  12. “Express Yourself”
  13. “Open Your Heart”
  14. “Borderline”
  15. “Secret”
  16. “Erotica”
  17. “Justify My Love”
  18. “Revolver”* (NEW SONG)


  1. “Dress You Up”*
  2. “Material Girl”
  3. “La Isla Bonita”
  4. “Papa Don’t Preach”
  5. “Lucky Star”
  6. “Burning Up”*
  7. “Crazy For You”
  8. “Who’s That Girl”
  9. “Frozen”
  10. “Miles Away”*
  11. “Take a Bow”
  12. “Live to Tell”
  13. “Beautiful Stranger”
  14. “Hollywood”*
  15. “Die Another Day”*
  16. “Don’t Tell Me”
  17. “Cherish”
  18. “Celebration”* (NEW SONG)

Since I have nearly all of these songs already, what I’m MOST excited about is the double-DVD of her fantastic videos.

  1. “Burning Up”
  2. “Lucky Star”
  3. “Borderline”
  4. “Like a Virgin”
  5. “Material Girl”
  6. “Crazy For You”
  7. “Into the Groove”
  8. “Live to Tell”
  9. “Papa Don’t Preach”
  10. “True Blue”
  11. “Open Your Heart”
  12. “La Isla Bonita”
  13. “Who’s That Girl”
  14. “Like a Prayer”
  15. “Express Yourself”
  16. “Cherish”
  17. “Vogue”
  18. “Justify My Love”
  19. “Erotica”
  20. “Deeper and Deeper”
  21. “Rain”
  22. “I’ll Remember”
  23. “Secret”
  24. “Take A Bow”
  25. “Bedtime Story”
  26. “Human Nature”
  27. “I Want You”
  28. “You’ll See”
  29. “Frozen”
  30. “Ray of Light”
  31. “The Power of Good-Bye”
  32. “Beautiful Stranger”
  33. “American Pie”
  34. “Music”
  35. “Don’t Tell Me”
  36. “What It Feels Like for a Girl”
  37. “Die Another Day”
  38. “Hollywood”
  39. “Love Profusion”
  40. “Hung Up”
  41. “Sorry”
  42. “Get Together”
  43. “Jump”
  44. “4 Minutes”
  45. “Give It 2 Me”
  46. “Miles Away”
  47. “Celebration”

While it’s supposed to be every video EVER, many have noticed that it’s not the case. There are omissions of many videos from her “madonna: 93:99” video collection – “Bad Girl,” “Fever,” “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore,” “Drowned World/Substitute for Love,” “Nothing Really Matters”:

“Everybody” very amateur but charming nightclub video – male back-up dancers were part of her act from the start!

I couldn’t find the “official” video available on YouTube right now but found a video claiming that this is her first performance of the song:

“Oh Father” from the “Like a Prayer” album, made by “Fight Club” director David Fincher (available on the “Immaculate” VHS)

“Dear Jessie” a sweet children’s song from the “Like a Prayer” album

“This Used to Be My Playground” from the film “A League of Their Own”

“Evita” songs

“American Life,” her most overtly political video

For more Madonna video overload, visit MadonnaVideos24’s Youtube page.

Favorite Underrated Madonna Songs: “Promise to Try”

Madonna is slated to release her third greatest hits album, “Celebration,” as her last obligation of her record contract. The title track has been released and it’s high on the cheesy over-the-top disco rating scale:

Oh Madonna – how we can’t stop loving you, especially after the recent death of Michael Jackson. New York Magazine has an excellent article chronicling the relentless evolution of Madonna which has spawned comments and reactions that all sound quite convincing.


It’s unfortunate that her music has gone so downhill – the bouncy vibrancy of her voice has been sucked out – which makes me nostalgic for her ballads. “Promise to Try” was on the most sensitive of her albums, “Like a Prayer” (remember the patchouli scented cassette liner notes??).  The song deals with her anguish over losing her mother at a young age. Surprisingly, the song was omitted from Madonna’s collection of ballads “Something to Remember.”

Favorite Madonna Songs: “Spotlight”

Although I was one of the many fans who was shafted at Madonna’s in-store autograph sesssion at Tower Records in 2003 (she bailed after an hour), I remain a diehard fan of her music, especially the ’80s songs I grew up with.

With Michael Jackson’s death, it makes me think about Madonna’s legacy – how she’ll be seen as a style chameleon, gay icon, and a powerful symbol of female empowerment and sexual assertiveness – Blonde Ambition indeed. Her official website is now showing a picture of Madonna and Michael Jackson at the Oscars together from her “Dick Tracy” era. The flashing wall of screens featuring her music videos is astounding – like Michael Jackson, Madonna has had enduring appeal across three decades and generations of listeners.

I’d like to share one of her lesser known songs that I love: “Spotlight” is the first track off of her 1987 remix album “You Can Dance.”

Everybody is a star. . .this is your chance to shine. . .

I’m So 1988: Fergie as Stacy Ferguson on Kids Inc.

Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed Peas (Video) has become one of the megahit songs of the summer.

It’s wild to think that Fergie was once child star Stacy Ferguson on Kids Inc., a much beloved Disney TV staple of the 80s and early 90s featuring kids singing pop songs under the premise that they were a bunch of kids performing in their own band with a rotating line-up.

Unlike American Idol, the kids sang longer versions of the songs and covered current chart-topping pop hits (albeit sometimes with kid-friendly lyrics). Due to artist copyright laws and complicated ownership rights, it’s unlikely that the series will ever be released on DVD. But there are several hard-core KI fans diligently uploading VCR performances on YouTube.

Pure pop gold:
People Are People by Depeche Mode (featuring Martika (most famous for the one-hit wonder “Toy Soldier,” Rahsaan Patterson, and Stacy who has awesome solos)

Point of No Return by Expose (featuring Rahsaan)

The Never Ending Story by Limahl and Goonies ‘R Good Enough by Cindy Lauper (featuring Ryan Lambert, Renee Sands, Martika, Rahsaan, and Stacy)

KI covers my favorite Madonna songs –
Dress You Up

Into the Groove


In other KI developments, Renee Sands was the singing voice of Fiona in Shrek and Shrek 2. Rahsaan Patterson is a neo-soul success (Video for “Where You Are”).