King Richard Armitage Week: Creative Letters of Support from Queen Amidala, John Thornton, Ros Myers, Lady Marian, and Alexandra Porter

To celebrate Richard Armitage’s 40th birthday and to commemorate the anniversary of Richard III’s death, this blog is participating in a weeklong series of RA blog events for the Richard III for Richard Armitage!/King Richard Armitage project (sign the petitionjoin the Facebook group). Enjoy the fun!

Queen Amidala from Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace (courtesy of:

From Padmé Amidala, Queen of Naboo, Senator of The Chommell Sector

I am writing this letter to offer my recommendation for Uncredited Bravo Pilot #22 to fill the role of King Richard III in a non-Shakespearean adaptation.

The force is strong in this one.

I am qualified to give this assessment since my husband is the most powerful Jedi in this far, far away galaxy. (Also, I was in a Tudor film and it was not very good, so I look forward to a smart approach to a Plantagenet era project.)

I would also add that I agree with citizen Carolyn that Bravo Pilot #22 is the hottest Naboo Starfighter pilot in the galaxy. Such exceptional good looks and military prowess would be invaluable assets in tackling the Richard III project and attracting a broad audience.

P.S. My handmaiden Sabé would like to add something.

Dear Bravo Pilot #22,

I support your project. But please note that I am not Natalie Portman.


John Thornton from North and South (courtesy of:

From John Thornton, Milton, England

I offer my whole-hearted endorsement of the Richard III project. The north has experienced tremendous industrial growth in the past half-century and owes a great debt to Richard III who established the infrastructure for economic development in our part of the country. His legacy has led to more opportunities for people to enter and rise within the working classes of society. The growth in the number of businesses has led to rapid progress in machinery and manufacturing and Milton’s trade is rapidly becoming known throughout England and beyond—and we owe it all to King Richard for his transformative achievements which have allowed us to thrive. As Plato said, “The beginning is the most important part of the work.”

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a lovely wife and two little ones to get home to.

Lucas North and Ros Myers in Spooks (courtesy of:

From Ros Myers, Thames House, London, England

I offer my unconditional support for the Richard III project. I have reviewed the execution strategy and found it thoroughly sound and question why this project remains unfunded. Dear Minister of the BBC: there is no need for another bloody Shakespearean Richard III adaptation.

Given his skills in negotiation and combat in addition to his loyalty and service to crown and country, I am confident that Lucas North is the best candidate to manage this project. I look forward to seeing what the final product will be—I love a good intrigue.

Lady Marian and Sir Guy from Robin Hood 2.10 (courtesy of

From Lady Marian, somewhere in Sherwood Forest, England

Please fund Sir Guy of Gisborne’s Richard III project. Guy has fought for King Richard I in the Crusades and has shown his loyalty to the crown. I know how much he admires Richard III and seeks to follow his example. As you are well aware, Guy has great ambitions and this project would allow him to fulfill his dreams and free him from the command of the Sheriff. Although he may seem cold and difficult, I know that he has a good heart and he should be given the chance to prove himself capable of taking on this challenge.

I do admit that I would also like to see him leave Nottingham so that he may come across new female company. Although I cannot express it to Guy, my heart belongs to Robin Hood. Now I must go and see what my mischievous man is up to.

P.S. Sorry for the delayed response: the wifi signal in the forest is not very good despite Much’s repeated efforts.

John Porter embracing his daughter Alexandra from Strike Back 1.2 (courtesy of:

From Alexandra Porter, suburbia, England

My dad would be a great leader for a Richard III project. He’s seen combat—he’s always away—and he is an amazing person. He fights to help others and make things right. He’s so smart and never gives up, so I know that he will succeed in whatever he does. I am proud that he is my dad.

But the main reason I want this project to happen is that it would be fantastic to have him back in England for a long time. Since my mum’s passing, I’ve really missed my dad.

It would also be wicked to see my dad get involved in some period battle work. I’d love to play a soldier!

So now is your turn: in the comments, post your take on these letters or come up with new character letters. What would Gandalf say? Or the Sheriff? (an “anti” letter, perhaps?)

Armitage and the Captain America Premiere

According to this Reuters press notice, Richard Armitage is scheduled to appear at the Captain America Los Angeles premiere tomorrow (July 19th) at 5:30PM at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood.

Wow—Armitage in my state!

This is so exciting. Captain America is his first major film role. He may prefer to stay home according to this article, where he says that red carpets are the worst thing about his job. But this is the Hollywood big time and the LA paparazzi must be satiated.

Acting is not about the spotlight for Armitage—it’s about the work. He is a modest man, frequently mentioning about how fortunate he is to act for a living and what would happen if his latest job were to be his last. I hope that his ascending fame will not become too much of a burden.

I wonder if he will stop by Comic-Con since he is already in California. San Diego is very close to Los Angeles and possible surprise guest stars may appear at The Hobbit presentation this Thursday.

Thursday, July 21

10:00-11:00AM Hobbit Talk— From the decade-old and perhaps most influential fan site on the Interwebs (and a consistent breaking news source), staff vets Clifford Broadway (Quickbeam) and Larry D. Curtis (MrCere) take a good, hard look at the latest from the two Hobbit films’ production. Since this isn’t a studio affair, you’ll get the street-level latest (authorized and unauthorized) as well as spy reports, rumors, and even informed opinions. Surprise guests are a possibility; audio and visuals are a given with a Q&A and all sorts of fun.

He would be a great hit at Comic-Con as an actor who is part of the Star Wars, Marvel, and Tolkien franchises.

One of Armitage’s early film roles was as a Naboo Fighter Pilot in Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace. (His lines were cut, but that film has very little good dialogue so I see it as a merciful decision.) His primary memory of that experience was mistaking then-unknown Keira Knightley for Natalie Portman (Knightley was Portman’s double).

British Film Watch: Carey Mulligan Goes Audrey in “My Fair Lady”

The iconic face of darlingdarling blog belongs to Audrey Hepburn, for her radiance, humor, compassion, and style.

Critics heralded Carey Mulligan as the new Audrey for her breakthrough role as a young English schoolgirl in An Education. Mulligan made her film debut as Kitty Bennett in Pride and Prejudice, as the younger sister of Keira Knightley‘s Elizabeth. Mulligan and Knightley re-teamed in the film adaptation of Kazuo Ishiguro‘s novel Never Let Me Go.

A new film adaptation of My Fair Lady has been in the works for some time. In 1956, Julie Andrews originated the role on Broadway, but Hepburn was given the film role. Frustratingly, Hepburn’s singing voice was dubbed in the final film version. Andrews’ film debut in Mary Poppins was a smash success and she won the Best Actress Oscar over Hepburn.

Knightley has been attached to the new adaptation for several years, but it was recently confirmed that Mulligan will star as Eliza Doolittle. Her An Education co-star Emma Thompson will adapt the script (fun fact: Thompson also wrote dialogue for Pride and Prejudice). The uproarious late-night host Craig Ferguson will also star in the film.

No word yet on who will play Henry Higgins or Freddy Eynsford-Hill.

Even though there is no dancing for Freddy, I can’t help but think of Richard Armitage in the role because he has proven himself to be an excellent suitor and looks damn good in a cravat.


But only if his pipes are up to it. Two words: Mamma Mia.


Hand-to-Hand: Period Drama and Spy Action

So there’s this moment in Spooks where Lucas North (Richard Armitage) poses as a bike messenger and takes off his glove with his teeth—an homage to a similar move RA does as Guy of Gisborne in Robin Hood. The latter scene is clipped in the below video which also has a recap of the first hand-to-hand contact between RA and Daniela Denby-Ashe in North and South and between Matthew Macfadyen and Keira Knightley in Pride and Prejudice.

And since Spooks reminds me so much of (the superior spy series) La Femme Nikita, here is a link to the killer “hand dance” clip between Roy Dupuis and Peta Wilson (I love that it was Dupuis’s idea).