Reader, You Must Watch These: Jane Eyre 2011 Deleted Scenes

Badminton and The Story of Adele (hand-to-hand action)


One of Those Period Drama Eye Contact Scenes


Bertha and Pre-Wedding Jitters


Rochester Pleads With Jane Who Alights From Her Window, Horse Pursuit and “JANE” Bellowing Ensues

I wish these scenes were kept in the final film, especially the badminton scene. The development of the romance between Jane and Rochester seemed rushed so the proposal felt artificial. I’m on the fence as to the chemistry between Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender. Perhaps because she is very young, and, visually, this is off-putting (in the book she is 18).

I need to see it again. It was a beautifully-shot film, very reminiscent of Jane Campion.

Feeling Like An Outlaw: Season 3 Robin Hood Thoughts

Started Season 3 of Robin Hood—where did Guy go?

Boucher from North and South and the maid from Downton Abbey have shown up, and Mr. Rochester (Toby Stephens, Professor McGonagall’s son!) is on his way.

The costumes are quite embroidered this season. And some of the colors are much too bright for medieval times.

Archery today! Makes me think of the song “Outlaw” by Olive, which is actually about discovering that your boyfriend is gay.

The Way You Move: Michael Fassbender & Richard Armitage

So I admit that I was a bit Fassbendered by the recent Jane Eyre movie that was directed by Cary Fukunaga.

I didn’t really believe that Jane and Rochester were attracted to each other, but the post-wedding scene was excellent and had the lovely fainting moment that isn’t often included in JE adaptations (see related posts on fainting in period drama).

Fassbender stars as the young Magneto in the latest X-Men film that opens today, X-Men: First Class.

I wanted to see more of Fassbender after seeing this Fishtank clip:


But then I watched North and South and the Fassbendering ended (side note: Fassbender was rumored to be part of The Hobbit cast, but never signed on—denying us Fassbender & Armitage screen time).

Now what I really want to see are some famous Richard Armitage dance moves. He studied theater performance and was an understudy in Cats back in the day. In an interview, he mentions that his best dance was the Argentinian tango and he seems to have carried that Latin rhythm into his own personal dancing style. From this article:

“I get off on the euphoria, so I’m always the first one on the dance floor. My style is sort of smooth, Latin, snake-hips—at least that’s what I like to think.”

How intriguing. Mr. Armitage has snake-hips. Where. How. When.