Thoughts on Vogue: Emma Watson’s Lads, Armitage Speculation, and Downton Abbey Ladies

After mentioning the casting of Jeremy Irvine in the upcoming Great Expectations film, I spotted him as one of four young British actors admiring Emma Watson in a photoshoot for the July 2011 Vogue issue.

Emma Watson has company (l-r: Luke Treadaway, Tom Hughes, Jeremy Irvine, and Harry Lloyd) (photo by: Mario Testino for Vogue)

Vogue has online-exclusive profiles of the actors here. Irvine is on the brink of fame, having won the lead role for Steven Spielberg’s upcoming film War Horse.


When The Hobbit media blitz goes into full effect, I predict that Richard Armitage will show up in Vogue’s “People Are Talking About” section or as a dashing companion for one of the models (Alexander Skarsgard suits up with Lara Stone in the July issue).

If the latter happens, Armitage deserves better positioning than that of a mere man accessory that sulks in the background. Vogue editors should take advantage of his musical theater training and pair him with a dynamic model like Coco Rocha, who is also trained in dance.

The Hobbit is due for release in December so any Armitage coverage will likely be in the November or December issue.

Oh the photoshoot possibilities! It could be a glamping (glamourous camping) scene set in treehouses with the lovely couple dressed in capes and boots inspired by the outdoorsy spirit of The Hobbit. Or an ecstatic party setting with Coco in some sequins and Armitage in black-tie and some scorching Latin dance moves (Servetus did an excellent analysis of Armitage + tango elements in Spooks on her blog earlier this week).

I love the dance action and riveting eye contact in this early photoshoot featuring several young actors including Armitage and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. Armitage is committed to his partner, fully embracing her and supporting her as they move across the space.

Armitage and partner in unknown photoshoot (Courtesy of:

Look back (Courtesy of:

Take a bow (Courtesy of:

This month, the ladies of Downton Abbey received the glam treatment in Vogue UK – see Tom and Lorenzo coverage here.

UPDATE: Emma Watson wears one of the Bottega Veneta dresses featured in the Downton Abbey spread to the Harry Potter premiere.

Hmm. Now I see why this dress was photographed in profile, while crouching. Standing up, it looks like a draping mess.

It’s a Harry Potter Thing: Robert Pattinson in Manhattan, Emma Watson in Burberry

Platform 9 3/4 - the gateway to the Hogwarts Express train platform in Harry Potter

Platform 9 3/4 - the gateway to the Hogwarts Express train platform in Harry Potter

One of the highlights of my trip to London a couple of years ago was going to the prop Platform 9 ¾ at Kings Cross Railway Station in London. The faux gateway features a trolley cart partway through the wall for all the Harry Potter fans to gleefully latch onto for photo ops.

Emma Watson in quintessential English style

Emma Watson in quintessential English style

After being Karl Lagerfeld’s muse – Emma Watson continues to build her fashionista cred as the face of Burberry. “The brightest witch of her age” is looking very grown-up indeed.

Robert Pattinson glows - no sparkle effect please

Robert Pattinson glows - no sparkle effect please

Robert Pattinson  – the ill-fated Cedric Diggory and everyone’s favorite boy vampire –  is in Manhattan prepping for a movie. Unsurprisingly, he’s been drinking (spotted at the divey Black & White in the East Village and the swanky Rose Bar at the Gramercy Hotel) and probably practicing his 100-meter dash to escape paparazzi and women of all ages.