Support Richard III for Richard Armitage!

For several years, British actor Richard Armitage (The Hobbit, Spooks, Robin Hood, North and South) has publicly expressed his interest in the media about developing a film/television project on Richard III. This is a very dear project to Mr. Armitage, who was named after the king and was born on the day of the king’s death.

The project would be a prequel to The Tudors which would restore RIII’s image according to history and move away from Shakespeare’s characterization. For centuries, scholars have debated the historical accuracy of RIII’s life and character and some have argued for a more sympathetic view of the king.

To show the extensive support for this project, we have created a website, petition, and a Facebook group. We want to use the site as a place to explore fan creativity around this project and learn more about RIII. We decided to create a petition to more accurately tally the number of interested fans rather than relying on web hits (and not everyone uses Facebook). So far, the petition has signatures from over 40 countries. All email addresses are scrutinized for validity and kept offline and confidential.

To learn more about the petition, RIII, and to see what creative fan contributions we have come up with (or discovered!), visit:

Join the Richard III for Richard Armitage! Facebook group here.

Read more about the RIII project’s history according to Mr. Armitage’s public statements in a range of media interviews in this blog post.

Please note: This is a fan-oriented project. The site exists to express enthusiasm for this project among RA and RIII fans, exploring our fan fantasy/creativity and learning about some history along the way. We hope that you will take a peek and join in on the fun.

We support you! (courtesy of:

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