James McAvoy + Michael Fassbender Gold

Oh the charming banter and teasing flirtation between the Scotsman and the Irishman! This is a hilarious compilation vid of their X-Men First Class press interviews.

And I found another clip of Fassbender dancing—love that wicked grin.


8 thoughts on “James McAvoy + Michael Fassbender Gold

  1. That was briliant! Quite the bromance between those two. Thanks for uncovering and sharing these. So…cutie pie Fassbender is a sexy dancing singing nerd is he? hmmm…. Lovely!

    • Glad you enjoyed them! They are both so charming and funny in response to some painfully awful journalist questions. I’m willing to bet that interview vid is more entertaining than the X-Men film itself.

      And I think Jane Eyre would have had more fun at Thornfield if Rochester had shown off his dance moves. 🙂

      • I saw X-men. It wasn’t bad actually – if you like that sort of thing. Michael Fassbender will apparently be interviewed on this show (http://www.cbc.ca/strombo/) tomorrow. If I was in Toronto, I could have attended the live interview taping. 😦 I love Strombo. He gives great interviews. I’ll be watching for sure! Not sure when it’s set to air though.

      • Forgot to ask, is that dancing from a movie? I’d love to see the whole thing.

  2. Thanks for posting! I only saw MFassbender in Jane Eyre for the first time this month, but suddenly it seems like he’s going to be in every major movie for the next year!! Also ironic, it seems he lives in my neighborhood in London Fields. What excellent taste in neighborhoods he has!! 🙂

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