King Richard Armitage Week: Birthday Celebration

To celebrate Richard Armitage’s 40th birthday and to commemorate the anniversary of Richard III’s death, this blog is participating in a weeklong series of RA blog events for the Richard III for Richard Armitage!/King Richard Armitage project (sign the petition, join the Facebook group). Enjoy the fun!

Birthday cheers for Richard Armitage! Forty years strong and so much to admire.

Hello, 40. (courtesy of:

Armitage senior named his son Richard after King Richard III and, remarkably, RA was born on the day that RIII died. As a result, RA has had a strong affinity for RIII and has publicly expressed interest in developing a RIII film or television project that does greater justice to the historical life of RIII than the Shakespearean play does. There is ample scholarship about the “true” story of RIII, so it would be fantastic to see a redeemed representation of RIII on-screen.

As a fan of RA, I’m engaging in some timely fan creativity about RIII and the idea of this RIII project with fellow RA bloggers. Regardless of whether the project is produced or not, I am interested in the RIII story, how actors and filmmakers have portrayed the narrative, and how it could be alternately presented.

For this celebratory week, I’m going light on history. I’ve come up with some creative fan experiments and I encourage readers to participate in the posts via the comments field.

I hope you will enjoy these posts and thanks for reading!

Upcoming posts:

  • Richard III Project Slogan Poll: Invitation for Reader Suggestions
  • Richard III Actors + Armitage: Six Degrees of Separation: Can You Best Me?
  • Richard III Project: Creative Letters of Support from John Thornton, Ros Myers, Lady Marian, and John Porter’s Daughter: Share Your Letter
  • Wrap-Up

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