Reader, You Must Watch These: Jane Eyre 2011 Deleted Scenes

Badminton and The Story of Adele (hand-to-hand action)


One of Those Period Drama Eye Contact Scenes


Bertha and Pre-Wedding Jitters


Rochester Pleads With Jane Who Alights From Her Window, Horse Pursuit and “JANE” Bellowing Ensues

I wish these scenes were kept in the final film, especially the badminton scene. The development of the romance between Jane and Rochester seemed rushed so the proposal felt artificial. I’m on the fence as to the chemistry between Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender. Perhaps because she is very young, and, visually, this is off-putting (in the book she is 18).

I need to see it again. It was a beautifully-shot film, very reminiscent of Jane Campion.


5 thoughts on “Reader, You Must Watch These: Jane Eyre 2011 Deleted Scenes

  1. i wish they kept the creepy scene where Bertha rips the dress!! soooo creepy. I thought the romance was a bit forced too in this film unfortunately. Thanks for posting these!

  2. I enjoyed the movie, but it did seem choppy and these scenes would’ve made a HUGE difference. I hope they release a director’s cut at some point.

  3. I loved Fassbender’s Mr. Rochester, he is broody ans stark, unlike Toby Stephens’s character who was lighter. The dialogue was nearly true to the book, and I appreciated how they broke the linear form of story telling. The way the movie was cut makes you wonder what Rochester sees in Jane, in my opinion, Jane’s character needed more depth or there should have been more of an exchange between them. I also lament they did not recreate the final scene as it was written. All in all, I really enjoyed this film, and did not feel the need to “Fassforward” it.

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