Armitage On The Loose: “Strike Back” Season 1

I finished watching Strike Back while recovering from food poisoning. Liked looking at the desert, did not like the exploding head wounds.

Armitage captive. Armitage on the loose, saving others.

Armitage’s struggle for redemption to clear his name and regain his honor.

His salute can have too much dancer flair.

Hello Armitage charm attack on fellow military operative! Those dancing eyes. “Strike back” indeed. Then full-fledged romance. Eh.

Armitage looks good in a Land Rover. Looks good in khaki, and definitely could sell lots of sunglasses in addition to Land Rovers. After seeing him in dark, formal, and confining clothes so often, it is nice to see in lighter colors and in casual, softer clothes.

Armitage delivering salty language that is not spoken in polite Milton society, the children’s version of Nottingham, MI-5 spyland, Marvel World, or Hobbit country. How strange.

I like the way he says “daughter.” It struck me when I first heard him say it in North and South in reference to Higgins’s daughter. It sounds so tender, and more so in SB where he is the father. I am curious to see more Armitage domesticity on film.

Not sure where season 2 is going, but Armitage is absent from the cable promos. Due to his Hobbit obligations, he must have a limited role, so I assume a phase-out is likely.


5 thoughts on “Armitage On The Loose: “Strike Back” Season 1

  1. Though I love RA in Spooks, I saw him in Strike Back more often. Especially the second episode is my treat for bad days ;o)
    Now that you mention the word “daughter”, it really has a special sound how he says it. How he caresses the computer screen is so heartbreaking.

    • I agree—so touching.

      These UK television shows are relentless. They don’t have the luxury of the leisurely U.S. television season which lasts for 24 episodes. There’s no time to breathe and let the poor man rest.

  2. I like that aspect of JP’s life, that he is a father, is a shame they didn’t developed that a bit more.
    I hope in the future we can see him in a fatherly role or at least that his character interacts more with children, I’d love that.

    OML 🙂

    • Why hello there! 🙂

      It seems that Porter’s identity as a father and solider was a significant reason why the role intrigued RA, so it really is a shame.

      I’m ready for more family action as well. Armitage in suburbia?

  3. You do know that he’s back in “Strike Back 2” next Friday in the US, don’t you? His role isn’t quite as prominent as is the first one but he’s definitely there.

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