Now Able to “Strike Back”: About Jodhi May

[Tick tock.]

So I am coming around to “Strike Back”: one of Richard Armitage’s co-stars is Jodhi May, who played Madeleine Stowe’s sister Alice (nice casting choice) in the terrific film The Last of the Mohicans.

While the romance between Cora (Stowe) and Hawkeye (Daniel Day-Lewis) memorably ignited the screen (“I’m looking at you miss,” “I will find you!”), the silent romance between Alice and Hawkeye’s Mohican brother Uncas (played by Eric Schweig) is what takes over the shattering finale of the film.

Uncas goes to rescue Alice from Magua, running ahead of his father and Hawkeye. [warning: violence]

So haunting.

There are many Alice + Uncas fanvideos. Here’s one.


12 thoughts on “Now Able to “Strike Back”: About Jodhi May

  1. I was really sad to learn that Jodhi was not in SB 2. I loved her character. Also loved her in Daniel Deronda.

  2. I think Daniel Deronda is by far her worst novel, and the miniseries takes all of its weirdness on. But Jodhi is great.

    • James Fenimore Cooper wrote the novel—from what I gather, the film changed many aspects of the book and heightened the romance factor.

      • Well that explains the weirdness Servetus referenced. LOL!

        Seriously, Last of the Mohicans has got to be the worst book I’ve ever read, and I thought I was crazy since it’s a classic. But I was a kid when I read it and didn’t know I was in good company until I read “Fenimore Cooper’s Literary Offenses” by Mark Twain.

        Will be interesting to read Eric’s post about it.

      • I just want to be clear that although I really dislike Fenimore Cooper (although Last of the Mohicans isn’t the work of his I hate most) the weirdness I was talking about was in Daniel Deronda 🙂

      • Just to be clear, I was making a joke about your comment with the Cooper comment coming right behind it. : D

        Regarding Deerslayer and Mohicans, The Leatherstocking Tales are all mostly bad. It was such a relief to read Twain’s take on it!

      • and wow, thanks for the Twain post. Did not know that, but I agree 100%. Deerslayer is in fact the Fenimore Cooper work I dislike the most. Feeling so affirmed now.

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