Captain America: Today!

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I’m on RA Captain America review media blackout until I see the film. Tick tock.

I do love this latest interview where he candidly shares the less pleasant side of the acting business—maddening television writers who completely alter his character’s back story before his exit (SPOOKS!), acting while trying not to drown (Spooks, Captain America)—and heavy lifting (The Hobbit).

He would also prefer to keep his shirt on, ahem.

“I want to be strong enough to cope with the roles, but I don’t want to be cast as the guy that takes his shirt off. I’m looking forward to getting fat and old so I don’t have to lift weights.”

Haha. Erm. He has done quite a lot of shirt removing. And action-based work. Both of which have required a lot of discipline in diet and fitness. Along with the awful writers and water torture, there’s been a lot for Armitage to endure. I can’t wait to see the slower, non-athletic side of Armitage post-Hobbit.

But back to the article. The headline quote was a terrible editorial choice: “I’m a bit mean. I don’t have a nice guy face.”

His actual quote in the article text:

“I suppose I’m a bit mean. My face on camera doesn’t lend itself to happy nice guys. I think it’s just that my bone structure looks menacing. I don’t smile that often.”

He has such a chameleonic face. While he certainly can have that burning look, when it melts away (à la North and South train station scene), it is stunning. He can do radiance as well as ferocity.

We will always be happy (Courtesy of:


I love the way this beloved open-collar Armitage shot is posted above yesterday’s open-collar Armitage shot.

There’s no need to remove the shirt, an undone button is enough.


6 thoughts on “Captain America: Today!

  1. Oh, darlingdarling. I fully agree with you. The shirt shots from New York really were beautiful. He seemed so at ease and relaxed there.
    The headline fulfilled its purpose. All we fans rushed in to read the interview, because we could not believe a single word of the headline. RA and “mean”, not a combination anywhere near what we would use to describe him. “Nice ‘Guy’ face” would better meet our description ;o)

    • This is true, CDoart. Some newspaper editors are such troublemakers. 🙂

      But they succeeded in drumming up more attention to their article.

  2. I can´t imagine him fat or old (looking).

    Love this one: “There’s no need to remove the shirt, an undone button is enough.” Fantastic remark 😉

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