Big Apple Armitage: New York City Captain America Screening

Yesterday, a Captain America film event took place at the Loews Lincoln Square Theaters in Manhattan.

It seems that this was an “advance screening” as opposed to a “premiere” event. If I still lived in New York City, I would have been crushed to have missed this under-the-radar public appearance.

None of the major American cast members were in attendance, but who needs Americans when you’ve got Armitageβ€”open collar casual Armitage.

Courtesy of:

After flying in from Los Angeles, he must have been exhausted. But he still has that twinkle.

It’s very sweet how he stands off to the side in group pictures and when onstage with others so that he is not the center of attention. So courteous. (see photos at


6 thoughts on “Big Apple Armitage: New York City Captain America Screening

  1. Oh it is my pleasure. πŸ™‚ But really, all credit is due to the hard-working webmaster at

  2. Richard looks so gorgeous and relaxed here! I’ll be watching Captain America in London at the weekend! How exciting to watch him on the big screen – can’t wait!

    • I know! I’m so thrilled for his big-screen debut. I think he will gain many more fans. πŸ™‚

  3. I’m going to see “Captain America” tomorrow – opening day is 28 July in Australia!!! I don’t think I’ll be sleeping tonight – just as well I have His Gorgeousness to read “The Convenient Marriage”, “Sylvester”, “Venetia”, or “The Lords of the North”, to me!

    • I hope to see it soon—been busy.

      Ooh, I really need to get on the audiobooks. They sound divine. Sweet dreams!

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