Armitage On the Red Carpet at the Captain America Premiere

The beard has crossed the pond.

The beard looks good in a suit. Nice wide check tie: Burberry perhaps?

The beard with sunglasses.

The beard speaks!

The Marvel interviewer has done some Armitage research prep. And she pronounces his name correctly.

Classic. Apparently “shout-out” is an Americanism. Armitage is a good sport.


5 thoughts on “Armitage On the Red Carpet at the Captain America Premiere

  1. Great to find a red carpet reporter who’s actually done her research!

    The beard is gorgeous as always and shows respect for the work that goes into films by speaking coherently and intelligently of his role!

  2. You cheeky girl – fancy referring to His Gorgeousness as “the beard”! Just love it!! and I love the tie, too!!! Richard says he doesn’t have much fashion sense but I, for one, think he always looks good in interviews and photoshoots, so someone’s getting it right! Loved the first interview but such a pity about the poor sound, isn’t it? Thank you for your clips, Kathryn

    • Hello Kathryn!

      LOL. I LOVE “His Gorgeousness”! Nice one.

      I too am glad to see him dressing so well. Mmm.

      I do wish the sound was better.

      Bccmee put forth a good effort in transcribing the interview on her site (

  3. I’m sorry if I sounded as though I was complaining. I appreciate the effort you ladies make to supply us with all the photos and videos and blogs. I’m spending even more time on the computer since I discovered your sites! Loving it all.

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