Speculation: Armitage and the Captain American Premiere

The Captain America premiere will be streaming live via AP and Marvel today.

Wondering about Richard Armitage. . .

A. The Wardrobe: I hope he gets the Tom Ford treatment.

B. The Date—?

C. The Red-Carpet Interviews: Any revealing questions? Although red carpet events may seem rather unpleasant to RA and he may seem shy, he doesn’t hold back on providing some deliciously candid answers to event reporters.

At the 2009 BAFTAs, an interviewer asked him what onscreen kiss would he like to do to have on YouTube, and he responded, “I would probably like to kiss Nigella Lawson after she’s eaten a chunk of chocolate cake.”

Then he bashfully smiles and there’s an abrupt cut away. (video on RA Frenzy)


Domestic goddess + RA + a taste of chocolate = RA red carpet gold

Such a modest man, but such aphrodisiacal thoughts. Ooh la la.

D. The After Party: Will there be reporting of the elusive Armitage dance moves? From this interview: “I get off on the euphoria, so I’m always the first on the dance floor.” You know this Hollywood after party will be raging with DJs.

E. The After-After Party—

Will there be:

i) LA clubbing—RA mentions clubbing in Paris in one of his fan messages. I think Europeans tend to club farther into middle age than Americans.

ii) Karaokean RA pastime. There are tons of late-night karaoke joints in LA.

One wonders what is RA’s “go-to” karaoke song. With RA’s lovely baritone voice, I can’t help but think of another famous English baritone—Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode. I bloody love Depeche Mode, and I think that Strangelove” and “It’s No Good” would serve as perfect soundtracks for RA fanvideos, especially ones about Guy of Gisborne (from “Strangelove”: “I give in/to sin/because you have to make this life livable”).

iii) In-N-Out Burger—because it’s the traditional red-carpet nightcap in LA.


3 thoughts on “Speculation: Armitage and the Captain American Premiere

  1. He’s still a little reticent, but I infer that he’s thoughtful. Love that, and the clip you linked is one of my favorites of him.

    Thanks for the link back. 🙂 Should I put you on the Addict List? Yeah, I think so. Richard Armitage is too large in your category cloud to refrain. : D

  2. LOL—the category cloud does give it away. It’s been my Summer of Armitage.

    Thanks so much for posting the video. LOVE IT.

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