Armitage Everywhere, and in Motion in Captain America

It is strange to have advertorial traces of Richard Armitage scattered across my city and injected into my live television feed.

With The Hobbit on hiatus and Captain America on the brink of release, there has been a flurry of new Armitage content.

Here are two new Captain America stills.

Still looking back (Courtesy of:

Here comes trouble: Armitage double-fist gun action (Courtesy of:

Heinz Kruger is quite the dapper assassin. In this scene, he wears a three-piece grey suit with a windowpane pattern, pink plaid tie, and white pocket square. Esquire would approve.

It will be exciting to see Armitage in motion on the big screen. He is an elegant mover to the point where it is distracting: there was one scene in Robin Hood where I thought, “That’s not how Guy of Gisborne would have walked up those stairs.”


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