Thoughts on Productivity: Going Ros Myers

Tick tock. . .as I stare down at my to-do lists, the multi-tasking pressure starts to build.

From what I have seen so far of Richard Armitage‘s work, I am finding that, after Daniela Denby-Ashe, Hermione Norris is my favorite female co-star for Richard.

Norris plays the ultra-confident Ros Myers in Spooks/MI-5. Ros epitomizes cool under pressure and ruthless efficiency; as the operative leader, she executes the given mission by any means necessary, possessing the physical prowess and mental agility to disarm and eliminate her opponents.

In sum, Ros is badass and I want to be Ros.

Despite her decision to not have a personal life, she is no automaton; she forms emotional bonds with her colleagues and dies refusing to abandon a man who is immobile. (YT link)

She also has a sly sense of humor, and I love her banter with (or at) Lucas.

  • Episode 7.2 : Ros burns Lucas, then Tasers him
  • Episode 7.4: Ros and Lucas work to disarm a bomb and kick up the sexual innuendo about  real vs. faking it (no YT link found unfortunately)
  • Episode 8.8:  (YT link) – Scene 1: Lucas and Ros discuss the remarkable usefulness of civets to produce perfume and flavor coffee beans. This is one of my favorite scenes. A polymath is a person who knows a lot about different subjects. Scene 2: Ros and Lucas discuss Sarah Caulfield’s getaway options of Barbados versus Bolivia.

(Props to Ros on servetus’ blog here. I also found a similar blog post on cheeky Ros/Lucas banter on the spooks fan blog here.)


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