Richard III For Richard Armitage!

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UPDATE: Sign the petition and check out the dedicated website.

UPDATE: Join the Facebook group.
UPDATE: Read about the prolonged delay for the Richard III project in a separate post here.

On Calexora’s blog, I mused over the idea of the Armitage Army lobbying the BBC to produce the Richard III project that has been a long-cherished dream of Richard Armitage.

I am a new RA fan and I have been amazed and inspired by the incredible women in the RA fandom. Why not harness this collective creativity and passion towards this goal so that the BBC knows there is a global audience for the project—an audience that will heavily promote the series online, watch the series, and (most likely) purchase the DVD?

Hail the power of social media!


Passionate letters in support of RA due to his personal and long-standing commitment to the project. It would also be wonderful for Richard to have the opportunity to play the role of Richard III before he outgrows it.

Passionate letters in support of RA using the point-of-view of RA roles and RA-related characters. For example: Guy of Gisborne demands that you fund this programme or he shall seize your land and force your staff to wear black leather and eyeliner! Guards!

Great opportunity for fan fiction writers!

Letter + picture from your state/province/territory/country to show the global reach of the RA fanbase with a “Richard III for Richard Armitage!” sign.

Note: it would be great to send some items beyond letters to attract more attention, but we don’t want to scare the BBC mail service. It would be best to send small, flat items.

Send birthday cards for RA and condolence cards for Richard III

Graphic/artwork to promote the project.

—Perhaps send in copies of The Sunne in Splendour 

—Perhaps mail in fake/real petrol (gas) cards so that the BBC can “step on the gas”


I would also suggest that we mark all packages with “Richard III for Richard Armitage” as a courtesy to the BBC mail service.


BBC Audience Services
PO Box 1922
DL3 0UR      <— that’s zero, U, R

Please respond to this post if you are interested and can spread the word to RA web affiliates.

I’m not especially tech-savvy, but we could:

—Create a special website with a petition

—Create a badge/website link available to post on other RA websites

—Post letters, upload fan art, post tumblr images, YouTube videos, pictures

—Potential Twitter hash tag: #RIIIforRichardArmitage

Creative Ideas

—Graphics: “Richard For King: 1483” or parodies of contemporary political ad slogans. For example, instead of “Not Flash, Just Gordon,” how about “Not Shakespeare, Just Armitage”? Or RA with a crown, on a throne, fighting in a battle, RA’s face superimposed on RIII images

—Videos splicing past Richard IIIs with RA, RA fan videos with songs about royalty/kings/patriotism

—Post/send pictures  with a “Richard III For Richard Armitage!” sign in front of a landmark/city/state/province marker

Outreach strategy

—Recruit RA fans in forums, contacting webmasters, tumblr users, and YouTube users and watchers

Ideas, counter-arguments, suggestions all welcome.


10 thoughts on “Richard III For Richard Armitage!

  1. I loved the idea of RA to create a ‘true’ story about Richard III the first moment I heard about it. I would very much like to support this endeavour to give support to his project and can offer server space and installation of a website, e.g. WordPress, if that is needed.
    What a nice birthday present, by the way ;o)

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  3. Hi CDoart!

    I created a Facebook page – maybe that is enough for now so it’s easy for other members to communicate. Are you on Facebook? I can add you as an admin.

    We need to recruit more fans to participate.

    Do you want to email the webmasters of RA websites listed on your page and encourage them to post about it and participate? I can contact other RA websites not listed on your page.

    Are you a member of any fan forums? If you are a reader of any RA fan fiction, please contact those authors as well. We need more fans, but especially fans who love to write!

  4. Just joined your Facebook-site,darlingdarling! Thank you for creating a special site for it.
    I will write an article on my blog about your endeavour in the next days and will try to get further supporters on board. I just forwarded your message on facebook. Unfortunately I cannot be of help with the forums, as I am not an active member in any of them. But I hope we can spread the word so it reaches wide into the interested fandom. RA-fans are great, so I have full trust in them ;o)

  5. Hello darlingdarling.
    I just saw your Facebook event with the BBC-contact. I am not sure if the direct contact to the BBC does not close some doors for Richard Armitage and his project as we clearly address our efforts to them. I am not sure how TV policies in the U.K. work, but fear that BBC is on a very strict canceling trip right now, even reducing running shows and productions and to get them interested in something new seems quite hard to me. As far as I know, TV productions are more likely to be made, when country co-productions can be established and cultural funds, e.g. EU-funds, can be raised to support the project.
    I would more like to leave the adressee more open so that RA can use our group where he needs it as a measure of support.
    Perhaps we can collect our letters of support, fan-art, etc. on your facebook page, so it is for all to see and is the center of the support-movement?

    What do you think about that?
    I wish this movement best luck and will support it, whatever you decide how to procede, because Richard III was one of the main aspects which endeared this actor to me. It for me is a symbol that he is not content with the existing and normal way of things, but wants to get better and surpass the norm. And that is something I would very much like to support if I can.
    Best greetings and good luck for you and the RichardIII-support! Christine

  6. Thanks for your comments, Christine. You raise excellent points and I see how it may be better to “capture” the support online rather than to do a one-time campaign effort. That way, we can accumulate the effort over time since I do question whether we can rally enough fans by August.

    What do you think about a 3-pronged approach:

    —Facebook group to collect “Likes” and provide a place for people to post art/graphics and write support on the wall.

    —Separate WordPress blog for the campaign where people can reply to the main post with their letter/comment – that way it’s one long webpage. There does not seem to be an easy way to post letters on Facebook, and this blog would reach everyone since not everyone uses Facebook.

    —Online Petition (we need to find a hosting website) that allows people to type their name and country. This would provide interesting data to show how global the Richard Armitage audience is. The Facebook group and WordPress blog would link to this petition as well so that all strategies are connected.

  7. I very much like your 3-fold approach and immediately began searching for a possibility to set up a petition.
    There are free resources and platforms online, which I did not test so far,
    but what immediately caught my attention was, there is a petition plugin for WordPress. So we could include the petition directly into the WordPress blog.
    Here I found good comments, but no screenshot or closer description how it works.
    But I also found another WordPress plugin, which really looks interesting for our purpose:

    Would you like to include this in your blog, want to set up a new one or should I set up one?
    I am open for anything, because I really love the Richard III-idea.

  8. Since I heard Richard Armitage talk about his dream of being Richard III in a TV series or even just produce a series about him, I’ve started reading and studying about the real Richard III, not the Shakespearean character I’ve never liked. I’ve read 3 books (historical fiction) so far and want to go on reading essays in order to learn more. Only I fear Mr A is now too grown up to be the king in that series. The last Yorkist king died very young in the battle of Bosworth. In one of his interviews, a couple of years ago, he laughed at the possiblility of being Warwick (the kingmaker and finally Richard III’s rival) if things went on as slowly as they had been going. Fingers crossed for your …”gift”!

    • I would be content whatever outcome, even if RA did not play a role in it, but could get his dream project produced. Though of course I would be more happy, if he himself could take part in it.
      I only read some secondary reports about Richard III. long time ago, but know nothing about the real historical documents. It were really dark times for historical files. I think I found some RIII historical forums online some time ago. I must get a closer look what they say.

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