British Film Watch: Carey Mulligan Goes Audrey in “My Fair Lady”

The iconic face of darlingdarling blog belongs to Audrey Hepburn, for her radiance, humor, compassion, and style.

Critics heralded Carey Mulligan as the new Audrey for her breakthrough role as a young English schoolgirl in An Education. Mulligan made her film debut as Kitty Bennett in Pride and Prejudice, as the younger sister of Keira Knightley‘s Elizabeth. Mulligan and Knightley re-teamed in the film adaptation of Kazuo Ishiguro‘s novel Never Let Me Go.

A new film adaptation of My Fair Lady has been in the works for some time. In 1956, Julie Andrews originated the role on Broadway, but Hepburn was given the film role. Frustratingly, Hepburn’s singing voice was dubbed in the final film version. Andrews’ film debut in Mary Poppins was a smash success and she won the Best Actress Oscar over Hepburn.

Knightley has been attached to the new adaptation for several years, but it was recently confirmed that Mulligan will star as Eliza Doolittle. Her An Education co-star Emma Thompson will adapt the script (fun fact: Thompson also wrote dialogue for Pride and Prejudice). The uproarious late-night host Craig Ferguson will also star in the film.

No word yet on who will play Henry Higgins or Freddy Eynsford-Hill.

Even though there is no dancing for Freddy, I can’t help but think of Richard Armitage in the role because he has proven himself to be an excellent suitor and looks damn good in a cravat.


But only if his pipes are up to it. Two words: Mamma Mia.



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