Ohio: Where It’s At

After a false start, I will be attending graduate school this fall (gulp). It’s been several years since undergrad. I will be uprooting my life, leaving all my loved ones behind, and living in a state I never thought I would ever live. A state I had to look up on a map to figure out its exact proximity to other states.

I shouldn’t be so coastal-minded. It’s like one of those cliche romantic comedies: the big city girl moves to a small town and everyone laughs as she trips in her heels and falls into a pile of mud.

There are very few CA programs that offer fully funded MFAs—I only applied to one, unsuccessfully. I was fortunate to receive two offers with full funding and a GTA position with a livable stipend. I accepted the offer at the more established, diverse program with a lighter teaching load. I will teach composition and, eventually, poetry writing.

It’s rather scary. The thought of teaching makes me want to vomit, then faint, and I’m sure Julian Sands won’t be there to catch me in the classroom.

List of What I Enjoy Related to Ohio

– Glee


– Alissa Czisny, my favorite current U.S. ladies figure skater who had the loveliest long program last season.


– Juliana Spahr, poet and professor. I love how there is a DJ in the background—Americans need to get on board: poetry + DJ = a good time. I need to find “Dole Street” somewhere since I lost my copy.


– Maya Lin, designer of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. I once delivered a package to her at her Soho studio.

– Oberlin College, because my grandmother went there on scholarship.

– Writers including Toni Morrison, Rita Dove (poem link), Michael Cunningham, and Sherwood Anderson.

– Actors including Halle Berry (when she’s not ruining my superhero icons), Drew Carey (who tells me the right price), Yvonne Craig (Bat Girl in the 60s show), Maggie Grace (Shannon from Lost), Katie Holmes (Scientology captive), Paul Newman (class act), and Sarah Jessica Parker (fabulous!).


– Musicians including Bone Thugs N Harmony, Tracy ChapmanJohn Legend, and Trent Reznor.

This song was ALWAYS bumpin’ in my high school parking lot full of low riders.


See? It won’t be so bad. I will just have to endure seasons. And lack of car and subway. But time to read and write? Getting paid to read and write (and teach)? An incredible gift. I welcome the challenges. I got this.


2 thoughts on “Ohio: Where It’s At

  1. Cincinnati chili. 🙂

    Good luck. Teaching comp is hard, but I hope it’s your bridge to what you want creatively!

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