New Song: Florence + the Machine “What the Water Gave Me”

Still on a contact high after the Florence + the Machine concert at the Greek Theater in Berkeley. Whew.

Florence looked like a chartreuse moth-angel in her diaphanous Gucci wear.

Her harpist, Tom Monger is my choice for MVP (MAVS WIN! I missed the concert opener, but it was worth it).

She had a lovely time in the Bay area and went to the Haight Ashbury Street Fair.

Towards the end of her set, she debuted her new song “What the Water Gave Me.”

Driving backbeat. Sort of Enya-like. Frolicky keyboard notes.

“Lay me down/let the only song/be the overflow/pockets full of stone”

An ode to Virginia Woolf? Woolf committed suicide by walking into the river with stones in her pockets.

We had  a stunning sunset bay view set to “Cosmic Love”the stars, the moon, they have all been blown out. I love the video for this song.


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