Straight to the Heart: My Aim Is True

Last year, I went to the New York Renaissance Faire. It is in a spectacular verdant setting, but there’s really nothing to do except buy a fairy circlet or Robin Hood hat, eat turkey legs, and drink mead.

The highlight was the archery—even though you didn’t get any prizes for it. Nevertheless, I spent about ten bucks shooting arrows into the target. It’s much more fun than darts. Back in the day, I got to experience a sort of medieval training at a Girl Scout camp in the Malibu hills, where we did archery, riflery, fencing, horseback riding, and cleaned up after animals.

“Arrow” by Tegan and Sara


Emma, Gwyneth Paltrow version, archery scene at 1:10 – gorgeous lighting


The top 5 Legolas fight scenes (YT link) in The Lord of the Rings trilogy.


Richard Armitage gets his cupid on: Hood Academy training screencap (courtesy of:


The Hood Academy DVD feature of Robin Hood season 1 shows the actors’ archery training which evidently became quite competitive. Richard Armitage bemusedly remarked how the best archers were not the tallest [wink]. Perhaps that’s why Guy of Gisborne likes stabbing.


I stumbled upon Marina Abramovic‘s incredible performance art retrospective (and interactive performance art piece “Sitting with Marina”) at the Museum of Modern Art in 2010. This “Rest Energy” piece caught my eye and has lingered in my mind. Marina and her collaborator Ulay are holding the bow and arrow directed towards Marina’s heart. Their heartbeats and breathing patterns are recorded on the audio.


Last month, dd favorite Sophie Ellis-Bextor finally released her latest album Make A Scene. Originally, it was called Straight to the Heart, a title I much prefer. The song itself is terrific.


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