Love in Medieval Times: Guy of Gisborne Hearts Marian

Looking back at Marian: from Robin Hood episode 1.5 (courtesy of:

I finally saw season 1 of Robin Hood (Netflix streaming!) and I admit that it was more entertaining and sweet than I previously gave it credit for.

Sir Guy of Gisborne (played by Richard Armitage) is a murderer and a manipulator, but let’s put that aside and show his romantic side in courting Marian. I think RA can’t help but humanize Guy and show some tenderness towards a woman so that he is not entirely unsympathetic.

Have a horse: from Robin Hood episode 1.10 (courtesy of:

I love the mix of fear and love on his face in the picture above.

Here are some faux poems appropriating swoony Guy talk.

Questions for Marian

Might I have the pleasure
of your company?

Are you declining
my invitation?

Have I not
expressed myself?

Have you not seen
what you do to me?

My passion for you?

Will you wear the ring

For The Fairest

I will keep giving. Without you
I no longer feel quite whole. I want
to know you. I have never
felt like this before. Hear me out, please.
You have been constantly
in my thoughts. I hope
I please you. Don’t send me away.
This means everything
to me. You mean everything to me.
Be with me. Stay—
do not go until you tell me
that you believe me. I have dreamed
of this day.

Good day. . .my lady: from Robin Hood episode 1.12 (courtesy of:


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