The Way You Move: Stephen Colbert

7/27/11 UPDATE: (in response to a mention by Neil Patrick Harris on The Daily Show)

HERE is Paul Dinello doing THE spin move with Colbert and Amy Sedaris on The Colbert Report.

I was a die-hard Stephen Colbert fan during the Bush years. I stopped watching The Daily Show/The Colbert Report as the DVR queue got too long, but I still crack up at these clips. Stephen is a fearless triple threat—comedian, singer, and dancer. I love it when he does a spin move. Brains, wit, rhythm, and passion? He is a perfect man.

*On The Daily Show, reliving his memories as a figure skater (video link) – eyebrow and spin move.

*On The Colbert Report, this is comedy gold: Stephen really feels Prince’s “When Doves Cry.”

*On The Colbert Report: a dance-off with Korean pop superstar Rain (video link), who is Colbert’s rival for the top write-in vote for Time’s Top 100 Most Influential People in the World. See his hilarious take on Rain’s music video here.

*This montage features on location clips of Stephen dancing behind Congressman Barney Frank, dancing at a gay club in New York City, and dancing with random attendees at the Democratic National Convention.

*Another montage, featuring clips from Stephen’s 80s music video (guyliner!) and Stephen’s take on Ellen and Conan’s dance moves.


2 thoughts on “The Way You Move: Stephen Colbert

  1. THANK YOU!!!! This was hilarious! Not only did I have the crazy cackle laugh, I actually snorted I was laughing so hard! Fantastic! The only thing that made me sad was that some links weren’t accessible here in Canada. But the ‘I don’t feel like dancin’ made up for it! THANK YOU! That guy is brilliant.

  2. Stephen Colbert is magic! 🙂

    Boo on blasted international Youtube restrictions.

    This is an update to an older post, since I was getting a crazy # of hits for “Stephen Colbert spin move” based on NPH’s mention.

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