Listen Up: Geographer

Brian Ostreicher, Michael Deni, and Nathan Blaz make gorgeous music together

I was thrilled to hear the pearly electronic sounds of San Francisco band Geographer in Golden Gate Park last weekend as part of the Bay to Breakers festivities. Among the dancing revelers, there was Osama bin Laden with a hula hoop, naked guys, Transformers, neon tutus, a woman completely draped in plastic bags like Cousin Itt, and a couple of people dressed like crayons. After performing the beautiful “Kites” song, lead singer Michael Deni said, “When I wrote this song, I didn’t imagine two crayons grinding.” Ha.

Deni and co. work it out with keyboards, electronics gizmos, drums, and an electronic cello. Such a pretty falsetto and a beautiful merging of dance music and indie rock.

I discovered Geographer on the radio – imagine that! Catch them at Live 105’s BFD pre-party at Mezzanine in San Francisco on June 4 along with Surfer Blood, Innerpartysystem, and The Vaccines.

Their Animal Shapes EP is available now but they are working on a proper album this summer.


2 thoughts on “Listen Up: Geographer

  1. Glad you are a fan! I think they are going to have a breakthrough year once their full album is released.

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