The Richard Armitage Effect

Oh yes: caps from the final scene in "North and South" (courtesy of

If you find any pleasure in period drama, you must see North & South (also available on Netflix streaming!). And then watch the extended proposal scene.

I am assuming that you are now stunned by the passion and beauty of that final proposal scene. And need some more Richard Armitage.

Do watch select Robin Hood clips featuring RA in black leather and eyeliner scowling after Maid Marian and repeatedly proposing to her (Netflix streaming! also on YouTube). This show is pretty cheesy and Robin Hood and Marian look incredibly underage compared to RA. But RA plays Guy with such nuance and conviction that it is worth checking out.

And then watch Spooks (seasons 7-9) featuring RA as a spy in constant danger and in awkward relationships with women who have unconvincing accents and limited facial expressions (Netflix streaming!). Check out this glorious Spooks fanvideo here.

And then watch all three Sexy Back videos.

And then giggle at RA tumblrs. Many RA tumblrs.

And then pore over this impressive blog that deconstructs RA’s work.

And then wait in anticipation for RA’s breakthrough film performance this year in Captain America (watch trailer) and updates on The Hobbit where he will play Thorin, king of the dwarves, making him destined for international glory and fame (see press conference remarks here).

His only other major film role was as a “bravo pilot” in one of the unfortunate Star Wars prequels. But Star Wars, Marvel, and Tolkien? That’s tapping in to some major geek fanbase.

More evidence that he is a gentleman: RA receives the Maori blessing of The Hobbit soundstage and eloquently speaks in Maori and English here.

The voice. The tortured look. The look of desire. The fierce look. The “hands on face” in moments of stress. The smirk. The awkward stance with hands in his pockets. The grace of his spy movements. The laugh. The nose.

Other impressive attributes: bow-and-arrow, sword fighting, cello, flute, dancing (!!)

And he is single.

Welcome to the Armitage Army.


7 thoughts on “The Richard Armitage Effect

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  3. Yes!! Hands on face, hands on “her” face too! 🙂 I love his eyes so much, everything about them, especially the flutter of his eyelashes when he is unsure / considering something. [sigh!]
    Isn’t it amazing how much time one can spend staring at one face? He is totalling mesmerizing!
    Okay…. stopping now. THANKS!

    • I’m right there with you—oh the fluttering lashes, the affection of his hands—delicious! Mm, mm, mm.

  4. Always loved him as Harry Kennedy (Vicar of Dibley), but when I discovered North & South – oh! my word, I have watched the final scene over and over again and can’t stop searching the internet for more and more Richard – his eyes, his smile, his hair, his voice ❤ ❤ ❤

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