Winona & Gwyneth – Don’t Call It A Comeback

When We Were Young: Gwyneth and Winona in happier times

Wow – my most viewed post has been the Winona v. Gwyneth one.

Both ladies have been back in the limelight with Winona showing up in Black Swan (passing the torch to Natalie Portman, arguably the Winona of her generation) and The Dilemma. Winona even scored two Screen Actors Guild nods—one as part of Black Swan’s ensemble cast and the second for her performance in the Hallmark TV movie When Love Is Not Enough: The Lois Smith Story.

Gwyneth made a refreshing cameo as a substitute singer on Glee, bursting out of her stuffy indie persona and showing off her pipes on Cee-Lo and Rihanna covers. She’s slated to make a return visit to McKinley High. She also sang her way into the film Country Strong. Neither performance was SAG-nominated, but she earned some iTunes money.


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