Random Food Notes from Skidmore College: New York Summer Writers Institute 2010

the glorious Skidmore College dining hall

I recently attended the New York Summer Writers Institute at Skidmore College for four weeks (after quitting my awful job!). It was busy and productive and I am newly energized about writing poems again. There was quite a range of students – from undergrads to retirees.

Here are my random notes about the dining hall, which I found fascinating:

The dining hall is like a casino buffet. And it should look swanky, given the $10 million overhaul. But it really looks like a giant Starbucks with fireplaces. There is an intricately carved wooden wall which just seems unnecessary.

There is a great variety of meat, pasta, Asian, and vegetarian options. Since I have the meal plan, I feel that I am obliged to eat every meal. But breakfast has become terribly monotonous, since it’s eggs, potatoes, and breakfast meat every day. I have come up with the following:

home fries < papas < shredded potatoes < tater tots < hash brown patty!!

For lunch, there’s been a lot of fried, unhealthy food to please the younger students that are whirling around the dining hall like an overactive school of fish. But the best thing about lunch is the potato salad, which has a nice oniony kick to it.

macaroni salad < potato salad

Highlights of meals: salmon, sushi (!!), seaweed salad, BBQ ribs, pasta with herbs and tomatoes, pasta with cream sauce and anything, cookie pie.

Fact: Skidmore College undergraduate tuition is approximately 40k.

Fact: That is equivalent to my entire tuition bill for 4 years (well, not counting the study abroad).

Fact: At Skidmore, there are 4 types of flavored water. There is also white hot chocolate as well as brown hot chocolate.

It’s such a luxury to not have to worry about food and work and think about nothing except poetry. And to have the opportunity to drink white hot chocolate and then decide to have brown hot chocolate as well.


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