Here’s To You, Sophie Ellis-Bextor

The amazing British pop singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor is making her first ever U.S. appearance for Gay Pride in New York City this weekend – and I can’t make it! Party foul.

Ever since I heard her seductive vocals in DJ Spiller’s heavenly Italo-disco dance song Groovejet (“If this ain’t love/Why does it feel so good”) in England in 2001, I’ve been a fan.

The arch accent, her coquettish 60s glamour, and her amazing voice — she’s fabulous! With Lady Gaga ruling the charts, this could be Sophie’s chance to break through in the States! Embrace dance music America! Her fourth album, Straight to the Heart, drops in the UK on August 2.

Here’s Sophie doing her best Madame X impersonation (a la the John Singer Sargent painting) in the Take Me Home video. . .key lyric: “You deserve a girl like me”:

A storming recent track with DJ Junior Caldera, Just Can’t Fight This Feeling.

The first single off Straight to the Heart is Heartbreak (Make Me a Dancer) featuring Freemasons.

And Here’s To You showcases her versatility in a stripped-down guitar number.


2 thoughts on “Here’s To You, Sophie Ellis-Bextor

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