Kobe and His L.A. Times Photoshoot: His Italian Side

The softer side of Kobe

Kobe manages to look like a Middle Eastern woman or a monastic Spanish toreador in the now no-tor-ious LA Times fashion spread. He must have been charmed by the Italian stylist James Valeri (who discusses the wardrobe and shoot here) – Kobe grew up in Italy and speaks Italian fluently – his daughters are named Natalia and Gianna.

Watch Kobe speak Italian.

But back to the photoshoot – the styling suffers from the costumey white hat and the effeminate scarf – other than that it was just a Hamptons-style lounge fest. For a laugh, check out his teammates reaction here.

Kobe’s recent GQ photoshoots have been full of energy and attitude – shot by hipster photographer Terry Richardson. . .

I'm about to be unstoppable - Kobe shot by Terry Richardson, GQ

. . .and Peggy Sirota.

Kobe shows off his moves - shot by Peggy Sirota, GQ

Sirota captures breathless action and joy in her photos and there is a refreshing candor about her work that makes it stand apart from the retouching and artificiality of other celebrity photography. I dig her Entertainment Weekly “Lost” shoot with Jack and Kate and the Vanity Fair shoot for “Twilight.”

The March GQ interview which accompanies the Terry Richardson shoot is a fun read – I love that Kobe’s competitive drive crosses over into his Cranium games with his wife. The article also hints at Kobe’s close friendship with reserve Josh Powell, which I wasn’t aware of until reading this article.

Let’s go, Lakers!!


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