Camper Shoes are Pretty Sweet

In Manhattan, your feet are your wheels. You need to navigate crowded subway cars, dirty streets, flash-floods, sketchy puddles, and cobblestones — and get from point A to B to C with minimal blistering. Good shoes are a must.

While Camper broke onto the American market with its quirky “bowling-style” tennis shoes in the early 2000s, the Spanish company continues to endure as a reliable brand of quality footwear for women who want cute shoes that can walk a mile or two.

Their shoes are not only durable but on-trend – who says you have to sacrifice fashion for function?

This season offers speckled tan fisherman sandals without the Grandpa factor. . .

Casi Janis, Summer 2010, $135

. . .a gorgeous turquoise and peach take on the gladiator sandal. . .

TWS sandal, spring 2010, $120

. . .and flirtatious T-strap sandals that are retro without being costumey.

Kim, Summer 2010, $145

If you can’t find what you’re looking for at their Soho or Midtown store — you can order online! And shipping is free for NYC residents – or at least it was for me when I did a mock order. Unfortunately, there’s no room in the budget this month. For now, looking is enough. But hold on to those size 39s!


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