Favorite Underrated Madonna Songs: “Promise to Try”

Madonna is slated to release her third greatest hits album, “Celebration,” as her last obligation of her record contract. The title track has been released and it’s high on the cheesy over-the-top disco rating scale:

Oh Madonna – how we can’t stop loving you, especially after the recent death of Michael Jackson. New York Magazine has an excellent article chronicling the relentless evolution of Madonna which has spawned comments and reactions that all sound quite convincing.


It’s unfortunate that her music has gone so downhill – the bouncy vibrancy of her voice has been sucked out – which makes me nostalgic for her ballads. “Promise to Try” was on the most sensitive of her albums, “Like a Prayer” (remember the patchouli scented cassette liner notes??).  The song deals with her anguish over losing her mother at a young age. Surprisingly, the song was omitted from Madonna’s collection of ballads “Something to Remember.”


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