Favorite Madonna Songs: “Spotlight”

Although I was one of the many fans who was shafted at Madonna’s in-store autograph sesssion at Tower Records in 2003 (she bailed after an hour), I remain a diehard fan of her music, especially the ’80s songs I grew up with.

With Michael Jackson’s death, it makes me think about Madonna’s legacy – how she’ll be seen as a style chameleon, gay icon, and a powerful symbol of female empowerment and sexual assertiveness – Blonde Ambition indeed. Her official website is now showing a picture of Madonna and Michael Jackson at the Oscars together from her “Dick Tracy” era. The flashing wall of screens featuring her music videos is astounding – like Michael Jackson, Madonna has had enduring appeal across three decades and generations of listeners.

I’d like to share one of her lesser known songs that I love: “Spotlight” is the first track off of her 1987 remix album “You Can Dance.”

Everybody is a star. . .this is your chance to shine. . .


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