Summertime in NYC: May/June Wrap-Up – BBQ, Rooftop Bars, and Getting Rained On

After a long cold winter, summer is a time to get outside and live it up in New York City, record rainfall be gosh-darned!

Things that I have done so far that I would recommend:

Big Apple BBQ - it's come a long way

Big Apple BBQ - it's come a long way

Going to festivals that involve good foodThe Big Apple BBQ Festival in Madison Square Park. As a 4-year veteran: order $100 Amex Fast Pass online in May then gather a bunch of friends and a bunch of Tupperware. Show up 10 min prior to opening and divide and conquer Big Bob (pulled pork shoulder sandwich), Ubon’s (my fav pulled pork shoulder sandwich), 17th Street (baby back ribs & mm-mm beans), the Salt Lick (brisket and sausage), and Baker’s Ribs (St. Louis ribs).

Having brunch – I recently had an OK experience at Jane. My favorite brunch places are Elephant & Castle in the West Village and Noho Star – which seem to have the same menu, with Noho Star being slightly pricier. I love the Yukon brunch – bring on the rosemary home fries! Other good ideas are afternoon tea or brunch at Tea & Sympathy or dim sum at Chatham Square Restaurant in Chinatown.

Singing karaoke – it’s cheap cheap at Karaoke Duet in Koreatown. On Fri-Sun, it’s a flat rate of $12 per person until 8PM for a private room (it goes down to $10 on weekdays). The videos are a bit dodgy looking at times, but hey, it works fine once the alcohol starts flowing.

Crabs - smack that with a mallet, some butter, and Old Bay

Crabs - smack that with a mallet, some butter, and Old Bay

Whacking crabs with mallets and dip crab meat in butter and/or Old Bay seasoning. Hit up Chinatown for cheap seafood – the Back Forty crab boils are insanely hard to get reservations for and aren’t worth it according to Chowhound reports.

Watching a movie opening night (but preferably not “The Hangover”).

Catching an amazing Broadway show (West Side Story) but ideally when a nice relative comes to visit and offers to pay.

Going to museums (Tenement Museum). Then have gelato as a reward.

Dancing outdoors, preferably on a pier.

Having some drinks at a rooftop bar – located across from Lincoln Center, the Hotel Empire has a huge space. See New York Magazine’s complete guide.

Checking out the great summer sales at international brand boutiques (Japan’s Uniqlo, France’s Comptoir des Cotonniers).

Eating Japanese food (Momoya in Chelsea and UWS) and Mexican food (Noche Mexicana in UWS) – but not at the same time. Sashimi and salsa just goes well with hot weather.

the Acropolis bonus round - more orbs please

the Acropolis bonus round - more orbs please

Getting away from NYC on the cheap – go to Atlantic City and get a free hotel room (be a member and start racking up those credits), play the penny slots (LOVE the Acropolis game for its bonus round + bonus Jackpot Party round), hit the Harrah’s buffet for the crab, and hit up White House subs before heading home. Maybe your gambling will pay for your trip!

With TV on reruns, catching up on your Netflix or get hooked on the truly entertaining So You Think You Can Dance? or I Survived a Japanese Game Show.


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