I’m So 1988: Fergie as Stacy Ferguson on Kids Inc.

Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed Peas (Video) has become one of the megahit songs of the summer.

It’s wild to think that Fergie was once child star Stacy Ferguson on Kids Inc., a much beloved Disney TV staple of the 80s and early 90s featuring kids singing pop songs under the premise that they were a bunch of kids performing in their own band with a rotating line-up.

Unlike American Idol, the kids sang longer versions of the songs and covered current chart-topping pop hits (albeit sometimes with kid-friendly lyrics). Due to artist copyright laws and complicated ownership rights, it’s unlikely that the series will ever be released on DVD. But there are several hard-core KI fans diligently uploading VCR performances on YouTube.

Pure pop gold:
People Are People by Depeche Mode (featuring Martika (most famous for the one-hit wonder “Toy Soldier,” Rahsaan Patterson, and Stacy who has awesome solos)

Point of No Return by Expose (featuring Rahsaan)

The Never Ending Story by Limahl and Goonies ‘R Good Enough by Cindy Lauper (featuring Ryan Lambert, Renee Sands, Martika, Rahsaan, and Stacy)

KI covers my favorite Madonna songs –
Dress You Up

Into the Groove


In other KI developments, Renee Sands was the singing voice of Fiona in Shrek and Shrek 2. Rahsaan Patterson is a neo-soul success (Video for “Where You Are”).


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