Bat for Lashes on Getting to be Mates with Thom Yorke

sweeter than Bambi - Bat for Lashes

sweeter than Bambi - Bat for Lashes

In 2007, Thom Yorke loved Bat for Lashes song “Horse and I” off of her first album, Fur and Gold, placing it on his iTunes’ list of recommendations.

He remarked: “natasha khan of bat for lashes ain’t scared. i love the harpsichord and the sexual ghost voices and bowed saws. this song seems to come from the world of grimm’s fairytales, and i feel like a wolf.” Love it!

The two artists were able to get to know each other when Bat for Lashes served as the opening act for Radiohead.

In a recent Pitchfork interview with Natasha, she shares some cute moments of their camaraderie on the road:

Pitchfork: Oh, Radiohead! You played with them recently and they said great things about you. What are some of your most vivid memories of your shows opening up for them?

NK: I think just being a total geek and embarrassing myself in front of Thom Yorke several times was what I remember. Just because he’s quite elusive and like, he’s a lovely guy but he’s quite difficult to kind of create conversation, you know, like a situation where you can just talk, and I think I sort of told him once that– [breaks out laughing]. I was wearing pajamas with weird rainbow patterns on the bottom, and he was wearing what I thought were red pajama bottoms, and I was like, “My pajamas are sooo much cooler than your pajamas.” And he was like, “Uhh, these are trousers I’m wearing on stage tonight,” and I was like, “Oh. [long pause] Sorry.” And he was like, “They cost me quite a lot for pajamas.” And I was just like, “Ohhhh, fuuuuuuckkkk.” So I was trying to be funny and I just kept putting my foot in it and insulting him basically [laughs].

And eventually– he was really sweet, and we did have good chats, and we kind of just punched, you know like [laughing, smacks Pitchfork playfully on the arm] “Hey, what’s the,” really embarrassing, you know like, you like somebody and you’re trying to talk to them and you end up just hitting them and tripping over them. It was kind of like that situation. [laughs]

Pitchfork: Are there any other artists going forward that you’d be interested in collaborating with?

NK: I wish that I had been able to sing “All I Need” with Thom Yorke off the last record. Because I love singing that song sooo much, and I sing it in a high register and it sounds really good [laughs]. But I missed my chance on that.

Awww – cute pajama banter!

Are you paying attention Thom Yorke? You’re soooo good on duets. (see P.J. Harvey collaboration “This Mess We’re In” or Bjork collabo “I’ve Seen It All” from Dancer in the Dark for evidence)


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