DA Xmas Special, Sybil + Tom/Jessica + Allen Interview Delights

OMG can’t wait for DA Christmas special – here is a sneak preview:

Here is a recap of seasons 1 and 2 and a sneak preview of the special at the end – love it esp. from 28:00 onward:

Some additional Sybil + Tom/Mary + Matthew coverage here – love how Allen is so open about his attraction to Jess at 4:10:

A straight-up Jessica + Allen interview here – ooh la la!!

The British Series with the Big House (Season Two SPOILERS) – Mmmhmm



DA Season Two: The Smoldering Encounters in the Garage Edit (Part 2 and 3 are the entire edits)


The Modern Take


AHH – I want this Florence + the Machine take completed


Thoughts of Richard Armitage came back to me: the shrill lady from Nottingham, the honorable man from Milton, and the evil guy trying to mess with Lucas/John. And Dan Stevens needs to get familiar with the Richard Armitage period drama kissing technique—oh that kiss was baaaad.

Two-hour Christmas special airing in the UK! And season 3! WOOT. But sad that there will likely be little Sybil + Branson action in the future.

Listen Up (still amazing): Maximo Park’s “A Certain Trigger”

I’m in a UK band time warp circa 2005. Time for some Maxïmo Park! I love the raw energy of their first album.

What happens when you lose everything
You just start again
You start all over again

My heart is always changing

I’ll do graffiti if you sing to me in French